Activating the Feminine for a Master Year

2017 is a ten year, numerologically speaking. Ten is mastery, it's activation of the radiant body -- this force of magnetic, light energy around you -- and it's all or nothing.

The ten year can be very challenging, but it also opens up a doorway to come fully into your life in a way that is very confident, regal and commanding. The trick to navigating this energy in a way that serves is to know that you're being asked to step up your game.
See if you can exercise some discipline and cultivate an energy of excitement about this kind of up-leveling. Follow through on your commitments -- even when you don't feel like it and get ready to walk your talk or be called out, at least energetically. 
We're also deep into the Rise of the Feminine, which in its positive form, is the essence of this radiance. 
I chat with the Numinous and lay down some super practical ways to start to move into this full feminine force this year.

How to Show Up as a Woman in the World

To show up as a woman in the world, you have to understand that first and foremost you are WOMAN. Imagine what it would be like to feel worthy, beautiful, loved and important without needing to change or maintain anything? What if no matter what you did, no matter how you looked, no matter what happened to you, you understood that these essential things were always yours? That’s the wholeness of woman. You have no deficit. You just have to find the ways you’re not believing it. 

Activation: The Grace of God Meditation
Mantra: Bhand Jammee-ai, Adi Shakti 
Crystals: Moonstone, Chrysocolla, Ruby, Larimar, Rose Quartz

Becoming a Sacred Activist

Becoming a sacred activist means first coming into integrity and alignment with your own values. You really have to be willing to look honestly at your life and be accountable for what kind of way you are showing up in the world. Take a look at the things you find yourself impassioned about — whether it’s the environment or ending war or women’s rights and then really ask yourself what your relationship is to these things in your own life. How much energy do you use that you don’t need to? What do you “make war on”, attack or hate in your own life or in yourself? Where do you sell yourself as a woman — where do you abdicate your power? After you really dig into questions like these, the work you can offer the world shows up really clearly.

Activation: Find an activist group near you or online.
Practice the Meditation to Invoke Your Inner Light.
Mantra: Magnificent Mantra
Crystals: Vanadinite, Jasper, Carnelian, Pyrite, Amazonite

Finding the Goddess

Finding the goddess is really just about connecting with your femininity, the parts of you that feel beautiful and graceful. A great way to do this is through dancing. Put on music and just let it move you. You can also try invoking this goddess energy by dressing in a way that makes you feel graceful and beautiful. Where only white, put on a dress, put on something silky or adorn yourself with beautiful jewelry.

Activation: Dance. Goddess Playlist to inspire you, HERE.
Mantra: Adi Shakti
Crystals: Moonstone, Mother of Pearl, Sapphire

Working with Other Women

The first step to working with other women is to be willing to get over yourself! Allow yourself to really enjoy the things that other women bring to the table without needing to compete or compare. Every woman has her own gifts and when we join forces our power is exponential. You can start a women’s group and meet once a month in person or virtually.

Activation: Start an online virtual circle or join The Faces of the Feminine 
Mantra: Me Within Me is the Purity. Me Within Me is the Reality. Me Within Me is the Grace. I Am the Master of the Space
Crystals: Blue Lace Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Turquoise

Balancing the Feminine and Masculine

We all have feminine and masculine energy. The key is to know when each is useful. As a woman, your baseline will always be woman, but the masculine energy is essential in taking your creativity and putting it into action. It’s the manifestation aspect, that which allows your feminine energy to take form.

Too much masculinity can show up as disconnect, over-thinking, and rigidness. If you’re experiencing this, you need to connect to more feminine energy.

Activation: Try reading or writing poetry, dancing, or singing. Focus on receiving. Do you a few minutes of left nostril breathing.
Mantra: Adi Shakti 
Crystals: Moonstone, Pearl, Rose Quartz

Too much feminine can show up as over-emotional reactions, indecisiveness, confusion and an inability to focus or take action. In that case, you need to connect to more masculine energy.

Activation: Get physical — go for a run, take a kickboxing class or do a few minutes of Sat Kriya. Right nostril breathing.
Mantra: Har 
Crystals: Black Lava or Tigers Eye

Making Friends with Death

Making friends with death is about inviting back all the parts of ourselves we have exiled. It’s an invitation back into integrity and into wholeness. Explorations into this dark space can start by just allowing yourself to really be in the unknown.

Activation: Sit in silent meditation, unmoving, with the eyes closed for 20 minutes a day.
Mantra: Kal Akal
Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Black Fluorite

Moving between Maiden Energy and Mother Energy

The gift of the maiden is innocence. If you feel a loss of vitality in life or are lacking passion and enthusiasm, you may need to connect to your maiden energy.

Activation: Engage in something new — go on a road trip, check out a class you’ve always wanted to take, have an adventure day.
Mantra: Ardas Bahee
Crystals: Aura Quartz, Citrine, Spirit Quartz

The gift of the mother is grace. If you find yourself really concerned with what other people think of you, wrapped up in appearances, feeling victimized or out of alignment with your purpose, you could do with a good dose of Mother energy.

Activation: Connect with Mother Earth. Go outside, walk barefoot, lay in the grass, pick wildflowers. Try the Maaa Meditation.
Mantra: Beautiful, Bountiful and Blissful
Crystals: Mother of Pearl, Pearl, Celestine, Aquamarine

Discovering the Four Nights of the Feminine within You

Dark: Let yourself be emptied. Have a day of silence. Turn off your phone, computer and TV and just experience being only with yourself alone and quiet.

Waxing Moon: Make a list of all the new things you want to do for the next year and then go do one! Go on an adventure. Explore. Listen to music that enlivens your spirit.

Full: Get creative. Paint, draw, cook a fabulous meal.

Waning: Self-care. Take a bath. Get a massage. Do some slow yoga. Let yourself eat in a way which really feels nourishing.


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