Akal: Mantra for the Departed


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"What you are is never born, never lives, and never dies. Birth, life, and death happen within what you are." -Adyashanti

Akal means Undying. It means that there is no death, only liberation. We are deathless.

This is the mantra that Yogi Bhajan gave us for the time of someones passing. It helps to release the persons soul back into the infinite.

My aunt passed a few hours after I left to come back home. She went peacefully. This mantra is for her.

I spent the few days I was there taking turns sitting with her, holding her hand or feeding her. At times she was present, even had a sense of humor, at times you could feel her slipping away.

I've never been with the dying before. The only family I know that has passed were my grandparents. I was all the way across the country from them, and didn't know until after.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend a few years back, she was telling me how often she spent time with those who were leaving, that she felt like she was really good at comforting them. I recall thinking what a strange life mission that would be, to comfort the dying. I couldn't imagine how anyone could do it. It seemed like an awful thing to go through. But as I sat with my aunt I felt the very opposite. I couldn't imagine anything more natural.

What a gift that was for me. I don't think I'll know all the ways in which this experience has touched me for awhile. It ran very deep. And although I hesitate to make her parting about me in any way, I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to be with her and to be present as she transitioned.

My love goes with her. And to her family. Akal. Never gone.

Mantra: Akal

Complete Mantra: Akal

Language: Gurmukhi, Sanskrit

Source: Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Translation: Undying.

* Mantra info via Spirit Voyage

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