August Forecast

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I don’t know about you, but I’m going to drop down onto my knees right now and thank the good powers that be for the turning of this particular wheel. I have had just about enough of the deep dark waters of cleansing and conflict. The fire of Leo is like warm balm to my soul and as it rolls in, I am certainly taking the time to be grateful for the change.

July was rich with Cancerian water, and while everything has its time and place, it is certainly okay to want to slap that transit on the butt as is heads out the door. The time for sitting and being and feeling and sorting has gone. You are entering the realm of the lion and that energy needs to take center stage—the king of the jungle would, of course, have it no other away. Get ready to get going and do do do whatever it is that has been stewing since late May-early June. You can trust now that the internal work has taken root and you can now start to bring things into the world of action.

After swimming alone in the waters of emotion, go ahead and feel confident stepping onto shore for a while. Lay in the sun and let those drops dry from your skin. Whatever has been stewing in your soul needs some air. It needs to breathe now, and you have to trust that once it gets out there that the real healing can begin, as a matter of fact…it already has.

This is aided in a big way by the movement of both the sun and the moon into Leo by August 2nd. Leo is a gracious, warm and mental sign. So you can count on those energies to help you as you begin the process of moving forward in a very direct, and very focused, way. No matter how difficult or challenging the situation might be, you now have the illuminating powers of the solar lion on your side. So use them. Be meticulous and generous as you plan your next moves. Think not only of yourself, but of how your plans can be of benefit to others. This is a great aspect under which to dream it and build it. Take the initiative, but be sure to be focused in your planning. Step by step, please. And don’t forget the details!

Personally, this is a great time to get out and get in touch with your tribe. You need your people to hear you and to help you, whether they be blood family, urban family or just great friends. Leo is a very social sign, just as lions are healthiest in a tribe. This is one of your mantras for the month. Let your people into your heart, your head and your life. Allow them to hear your ideas and maybe even pitch in with the execution.

This whole month is ripe for a party. However that looks to you, whether it be a big block party or an intimate dinner, this is the time to get connected. Enjoy life and truly appreciate what it is offering you, big or small. Keep your heart open for messages of joy; they are coming, I promise you. Sit outside with good friends and have a glass of wine or two while celebrating the sun and all the work it does. Bask in the concepts of life, growth and harmony. This is the time to really honour the gifts you have. I know it has been hard recently and many things seem bathed in chaos. But you know as well as I that if you look at the beauty of little things like your people and your home and the land that you can truly find a deep well of appreciation for all that is. Turn these gatherings into a ritual of sorts with beauty as the theme. And as with all things Leo, do it with style!

Be less sensitive; be more gregarious. Be less intense; be more spontaneous. Try and have as much fun as you can while staying responsible to your goals and dreams. It’s okay. Really it is. Both can happen in the same space if you use all of your resources together. Think of the qualities of the sun and for this month emulate them to the best of your ability. In that way, you simply can’t go wrong.


-Athena Shakti, find more of her HERE

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