August Ritual

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August Ritual from Athena Shakti

Time: 1 hour, any time up to the 21st.
Tools: Small bowl, 2 sticks of palo santo wood, frankincense resin, small journal with removable pages, pen, master crystal of clear quartz, fire starter and 1 tealight
Goddess: Amaterasu, Japanese Goddess of the Sun and Harvest
Tarot: The Sun, Eight of Wands, Three of Cups
Kriya: Nabhi Kriya
Mantra: Tantric Har

Gather all of your ingredients and take them outside. Day or night, it doesn’t matter, but do be certain that you are in a safe space. Clear your area and do your practice; the Nabhi Kriya should take less than 30 minutes. As you are practicing, consciously feel the qualities of the sun at the navel. This will be a powerful source of energy for you as you do your work. When you are finished, begin the chanting of the Tantric Har and prepare your space.

Lay the bowl on a solid surface that will not burn. Place the tea light in the bottom. Stack the palo santo over it like a teepee. Set the crystal immediately next to the bowl. Get out your journal and get focused on the primary area of your life that has been the hardest over the last several months. Write that at the top of one page. If you have more than one issue, please use separate pages. Keep chanting.

Beneath that heading, write three things about which you are fearful in relationship to the situation. Be honest. Be bold. Use the power of your navel to clear up what it is that you are scared of; These fears are not just blocks, they are your fuel. Just write them out and do not stew over it; stay neutral. Then turn the page. Keep chanting.

On this page, write three things that are funny about your fears. What is ridiculous about them? Be lighthearted and amuse yourself with your fears. Look at them through that lens and be charmed by their silliness. Remember, Amaterasu likes a good laugh, so you give her one. Then turn the page and keep chanting.

Finally, write down three hopes you have. Keep them related to the situation at hand. How do you want it to resolve? How does your life look when it is resolved? How do you feel when it has come to completion? These are some good ways to think about your hopes and a great starting point. Keep chanting, but take your time. You don’t want to rush any of this process. Be willing to look way beneath the surface and allow the light of the navel to shine into the darkest recesses of your mind and subconscious.

When you feel that you are complete, tear out the pages. Light the tea light and encourage the palo santo to ignite. Meditate for a moment on the fire and the smoke. Let it fill you and feed you and calm you. Drop in one small nugget of frankincense for purification; if it doesn’t burn well, that is okay, it is still doing its job.

Take the page with your fears and tear it into three pieces, each piece holding one item on the list. Do the same with your funny list and your hopes list. Then stack them so that you have three piles, each one consisting of a fear, a funny, and a hope. These become sentences, which in turn become offerings to the goddess of light. Think of it like a conversation where you are telling her what is going on with you.

Feed one pile into the fire saying, “Amaterasu, look at this [fear] isn’t it [funny]. I am ready for you to fill my [hope] with the power of the sun.” Do this for each pile, telling her about your fears and how they are funny and asking for her to illuminate your hopes with her light. When all three piles are ash, take the crystal and hold it over the smoke. Wash it and purify it with the power of Amaterasu as she leads you from fear to hope, powerlessness to power.

Sit and meditate as long as you like. Then, when you are clear, clear your space and go on about your day/night. The crystal should be kept on the altar or near your bed to continually hold that energy.

- Athena Shakti

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