Deprivation is not Discipline: Spiritual Diets SUCK.

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For years I hated candy bars. This is what I thought.

But the truth is, this is what I had taught myself. When I was younger and in fitness, I learned how to not like the things I felt I shouldn’t eat. At that time, that was mostly based on calories and fat. Even as I left that type of thinking around food, I had new rules.

After “fitness eating” came “healthy eating”. This time I wasn’t concerned with calories or fat, but with ingredients. And I was still telling myself I hated candy bars.

When I began to have a deep awakening and the structures of who I was started to fall away, a funny thing happened — I started mass consuming Kit Kats. I ate 2-4 Kit Kats almost every day for about a year. And I loved every one of them.

Kit Kats and spiritual awakening may seem completely unrelated, but this process is nothing if not a complete unraveling of the structures you’ve set up within and without. And so I just let it happen.

Today I eat mostly fresh food. And I am mindful not to put chemicals in my body, (Because who wants to eat chemicals?), but I don’t get hung up on what I eat. I don’t want to think about my food unless I’m enjoying creating a meal or enjoying eating a meal. Otherwise, I let the food just be nourishment and keep my head mostly out of it.

I don't have any "shouldn'ts" and except for intuitively knowing what gives my body vitality, I don't worry what the food is doing to it. I eat in a way that feels loving to myself. I choose foods that feel loving.

Diet craziness doesn’t just live in the fitness world, it is very much alive in the spiritual world.

But know this: Spirit does not give a fuck what you eat.

You can eat in a way that feels ethical to you and you can eat in a way that feels kind to yourself, but beyond that, it’s all just ego. Diets suck, no matter how cool or “high vibe” they are. Keep your ego off your plate and I promise you’ll be more satisfied.



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  • Nancy

    Great essay, thanks. To enjoy food is to be grateful for that which sustains us.

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