Emerald Isle: Healing Eclipse Portal Green Bath Ritual

bath ritual

Emerald Isle: Healing Eclipse Portal Green Bath Ritual

To be done anytime until 8.21.17.

The eclipse magnetics are intense. To surf the wave gracefully, cleanse the aura + connect to the magnetic field of the Earth.

For the bath:

Chlorophyll - 10+ drops. (Don't get on clothes/towels, it can stain!)

Labradorite, Herkimer Diamond, Black Tourmaline or Black Onyx, Optical Calcite

1 cup Epsom salts

5 drops Clary Sage oil

Flowers (of course!). Any will do


Prithvi Hai by SIMRIT to bring together heaven and earth, balancing the polarities at the heart center.


Cleanse yourself with sage or Palo Santo. Rinse off in cold water first. Get in the bath. Do 3 minutes of ego eradicator to activate the aura. Put on the mantra. Soak. Put 10 or more drops of chlorella in water to drink. Drink it. Close your eyes and feel the green in you and all around you. See everything as green. Breathe in the green. Be the green. Merge with mama earth. Stay there as long as you can. When done with your bath, rinse again with cold water.





Be sure to read up on how to navigate the Eclipse Portal HERE.




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  • Bri

    Thanks Jessica. I found this really helpful. Thanks for sharing with such generosity. Sat Nam.

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