Five Things I Learned from My Mercury Retrograde Break

mercury retrograde break

I decided last month that from now on I will be taking Mercury Retrograde offline.

Because Mercury Retrograde and I don’t work out so well. At least when I try to proceed with things as usual.

(No, this is not some Mercury Rx paranoia I have. It's a real thing, ask anyone who knows me well.)

The time is usually filled with disaster after disaster after disaster. Like the time I spilt an entire cup of coffee on my new laptop and then the same day had a whole loaf of laundry stolen that included every singe pair of jeans I owned and my favorite vintage jacket. Or when I sent a private course email including all links to course exclusive videos to my ENTIRE email list. You can make a solid bet that the day Mercury goes retrograde my phone will stop working and my computer will start glitching.

I realized awhile ago that it’s vitally important for me to pay attention to and honor the natural cycles in my life (the seasons, the moon, my moon, the planets, etc..) and here was a cycle which I was totally ignoring.

So I’ve decided to try flowing with Mercury Retrograde instead of against it. 

For three weeks I got offline, I put aside projects with deadlines, I allowed myself to be moved by the energy of the time instead of insisting on my own agenda.

And it worked out fabulously.

Instead of frustration I felt flow, got inspired and reconnected with the world around me. 

5 things I learned from my Mercury Rx break:

1. I've already said this, but it bears repeating: It feels soooo much better to live in-tune with the cycles than to fight them.

I say this as a human and as a woman. Living in alignment with the cycles creates more ease and more depth in my life.

2. This is obvious I know, but again, worth repeating. Taking breaks from social media and electronics is IMPERATIVE for my wellbeing.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually find great value in social media. I’ve made legit friends, forged amazing business relationships and found tons of inspiration on Instagram the last couple of years.

But electronic gadgets take a HUGE toll on the nervous system.

You can blame it on the EMF's, the speed, and the amount of information transmitted through your phone, computer and TV. Just like other stimulants such as caffeine, they weaken the nervous system.

While I'm always working to expand and strengthen my nervous system so I have the capacity to hold more (of everything), I think it's equally as important to recognize and remove the stressors that burden it when possible.

This means breaks are non-negotiable.

3. My family hates me being on my phone.

Every single one of my family members has commented about my phone use at some point.

My first response is to get defensive. “But I’m not on the phone for fun. I HAVE to work.”

And it's true. The last two breaks I've had from Instagram, my sales have gone down almost 80% during my absence! (That's like holy shit huge.) So while I enjoy the breaks, they're simply not financially sustainable.

My second reaction to their complaint is a bit of heartbreak. I NEVER want the people I care for most to feel neglected or ignored because my face is in my phone. Ouch.

4. More time does not automatically equate to more creativity.

I have this fantasy. It goes like this: I decide to take a month off social media and suddenly I’m painting again, I’m writing a novel, cooking amazing jungle food, launching new products, dancing all day. I'm free as a bird.

The reality is that when I go off social media, I do end up with more time on my hands. And I do feel more of a creative urge.

But without some sort of discipline or impetus to put those desires into flowing action, nothing much changes.

While I did make lots of new jewelry during my break (yay!) I did not write a book, paint a masterpiece or solve world hunger.

You're gonna do what's most important to you regardless of your circumstances. That's just life.

5. I was thinking about filters -- photo filters and mind filters -- and it occurred to me that in a way we’ve created an alternate reality with social media.

It’s not exactly reality, it’s the version of reality we want the world to see.

Which is kind of what the ego is, right? It’s the filter that tells the story about what’s actually happening. And in the story, the Truth -- your TRUE identity -- is lost from you.

So if the whole point of spiritual pursuit is to remove the filter so that we can experience Truth directly, what happens when we put an additional filter on? How much further from experiencing our True nature are we (if at all )? And are we creating a double ego???

I don’t have the answers, but I'm conscious of and thinking about this... If you have thoughts I'd love to hear them too.



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