Full Moon // Lunar Eclipse

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"You must dive deep into the core of your I-Am-ness. Your life must be a challenge and that challenge must come from the very heart of you. You must know who you are, and you must submit to your essence." - Yogi Bhajan

There are oceans that move within us we spend our whole lives avoiding because they frighten us. This eclipse is calling you into them.

Think about where you turn away from yourself, or your life. Where are you shut down, resistant or living out of alignment because of fear?

These eclipses are access points to transformation. The offer here is to trade your habitual avoidance for wonder and dive into the deep end of your life.

There's no process needed. You simply make the choice and you jump.

When we move through fear we are liberated. The courage we invoke by doing so creates a special kind of magic. It infuses us and our lives with a potency that cannot be outwardly generated.

Today is the day to call this magic in. Today is the day to let YES resonate though your entire being. Feel what it's like to be in your body with a YES to life -- open, vulnerable, whole, powerful, dynamic, alive.

And the funny thing is, once you do, you find out it's not so scary here after all. In fact, it's quite spectacular.

May you experience this day in all its fullness and depth.



xx, JS



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