Gemini New Moon - Super Moon Forecast

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New Moon, Super Moon in Gemini May 25th, 12:44 pm PST

"We're not on our journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes." - Joseph Campbell

Have you noticed how the world is no longer really solid? Everything looks a little soft around the edges, a little shaky. We're in the midst of the literal undoing of the world as we know it. This can either feel chaotic and scary or you can tap into the expression of creativity that is at the core of this shift.

It's totally up to us as creatively sovereign beings to craft a new reality if we want it -- a 5th dimensional landscape that can support the greatest human capacity -- your intelligence, your intuition, your compassion, your expansion and your creativity. And the time is now. This New Moon in Gemini is perfect for sculpting the framework for this higher scape of being for you and for all.


Get specific about what you really want your life to look and feel like. What is the energy of it? Who are the players? What are the colors, the sounds, the textures? What's the broad space of it and what does the day to day look like?

Creating this new reality starts when you begin to consult your innermost self and ask it what it truly wants. Don't be shy. Get to the heart of the matter. Pay attention where you edit your desires, where you judge them. See if you can let go of that, reinsert what you've denied, what you've told yourself wasn't good or right to want.

And don't worry, this is not a selfish act. How many of us, if we could create exactly what our hearts desire, wouldn't be serving with that life? How many would only think of themselves? So few.

Only you hold the key -- the key to your happiness, the key to your freedom, the key to calling forth this new reality that is asking to be birthed. When enough of us can engage this energy really clearly and with focused intent our individual creative realities will merge and the whole system will level-up. Like majorly.

Just please understand that the act of creation is not imagination, it's not wishing, it's not talking - it requires action. You must get dirty with the process - create, recreate, however many times it takes. And have little faith. 

You've got one life you can guarantee - make it your absolute masterpiece.


Blessings, Sevapreet 




  • Claude

    How wonderful and true, this is!!! Thank you for reminding us about this truth !!!

  • Jenn

    Thank you. So much gratitude. This is exactly what I needed today. Tow parts in particular: about being in service… and about taking action to MAKE IT your reality. And , don’t stop. Keep working. Then just contemplate how ‘in service’ you will be throughout the process and on the journey. So beautiful.

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