I've Been Published! Best of Rebelle Society


The book is HERE! (Well, it has been for a few weeks, but I've been too busy reading it to write about it.) Incase you've missed it, I present to you: Best of Rebelle Society Vol. 1

"We are living in a time of unprecedented restlessness and seeking. We are constantly bombarded with an excess of tainted, fear-filled and manipulated information, and the more we observe and absorb, the less we understand and the less we are inclined to discover and share our creative energy and individual truths.

In this obsolete regime, a new kind of Renaissance is emerging, running on Creativity and rebelling against the stagnant status quo through the unveiling of unique powers — individuals doing what they can with what they have, right here and now. This Creative Renaissance is made of ordinary people with an extraordinary mission and vision: that of becoming their own living work of art and changing the world, from the inside out, through inspiration, amplified expression and a relentlessly evolving consciousness."

-Rebelle Society


This is Rebelle Society's first book. An amazing collaboration from incredibly talented writers. I was so very blessed to have been asked to submit an article for inclusion!

A long time ago I dreamt of being a writer, of having a book. As I got older it seemed everyone had that dream and somehow that made it feel unreasonable, like wanting to be a princess when you're a little girl- you know you can't all be princesses.

I quit writing when I was a teenager. I didn't go to school to become a journalist or get a degree in English Lit. I didn't write anything until I started a fitness blog a few years ago, but that didn't really feel like "real" writing. It was information, nothing from the heart, nothing of the soul.

Then after an earth-shaking, deep-to-the-core healing journey to Peru last spring words just started pouring from me. It felt so good because I knew they'd always been in there, I just couldn't find the faucet to let them out.

What I wrote I put here and submitted to Rebelle Society and they published it. I was ecstatic. My favorite website, the place I go to for inspiration every day was putting my words right there next to other supremely talented writers! And now a book. A real LIVE book with pages and type and that deliciously comforting real book smell!!!


Dreams really do come true. Put it out there- and then let it go. Do your work, take care of your business and let the universe wrap that dream up with a big freaking red bow and deliver to your doorstep when you least expect it. (The best things are always surprises.)

Oh, and if you haven't yet, get a copy of this amazing book for inspiration along the way.

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