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Jessica Durivage is the founder of Where is My Guru, an intimate in- person and virtual learning center for spiritual, personal and professional development.

Jessica has been bridging the gap from the soul to the world and redefining what it means to be spiritual in a modern age since 1998. At 19 years old she assisted in the operation of the TLC School in Port au Prince, Haiti, offering free education to local village children, where she lived and taught for over six months. At 21 she stepped on a yoga mat for the first time and found her personal vehicle for healing and her foundation to understand her Divinity and her day-to-day mortality. She has over 1500 hours in teacher trainings.

In 2007 Jessica co-founded Global Awareness Project, a non-profit organization that gave grants and scholarships to artists doing service work all over the world. Their efforts as an organization expanded over four continents including a water tower mural project in Haiti.

Jessica founded Where is My Guru in 2008 as a blog and podcast/radio show focused on inspiring the Guru that lives within each and every one of us. She spent several years traveling to conferences and festivals such as Wanderlust, Yoga Journal, LOHAS, Hanuman Festival and Sat Nam Festival interviewing teachers, leaders and authors in yoga, wellness, sustainability, community, service and leadership. In 2011 Where is My Guru presented at SXSW on the potential of conscious media to change the world. In 2015 Where is My Guru expanded to include an online school. The Where is My Guru Virtual Center for Higher Learning offers courses in personal and spiritual development led by master teachers such as Jai Uttal, Katie Silcox, Sarah Durham Wilson. Chris Grosso, JP Sears and Angel Grant. Jessica also leads classes in slow living and practical spirituality.

Her humorous and relatable approach to spiritual life, relationships, motherhood and the challenges we all face on the path are reflected in her writing, teaching, speaking and as the host of the Where is My Guru Podcast. Her writing has been featured in Elephant Journal, Mantra Yoga & Health, Origin Magazine, Rebelle Society and

CREATION | Tell us about your latest project.

JD: My life's project is Where is My Guru. It's an online school, a digital temple where you can take online courses for personal development and spiritual growth. We offer classes from how to deal with conflict in a compassionate and conscious way to awakening the priestess inside you to a 21-day vegan fast. You can sign up for a monthly subscription with one of the top yoga and ayurveda teachers or you can learn Bhakti yoga from a true master.

For me, I just keep offering myself up to the spirit, to the Goddess, to the Universe and asking, "how can I serve?". It's quite an honor (and a lot of hard work) to serve the awakening of consciousness on the planet.

SPIRIT | How do you connect with Spirit in your life?

JD: Self care at the moment is a huge teacher for me. I see tangible results in my work, my relationships and how I relate to myself when I am nurturing and caring for myself in the deepest and most honest way. I should note that I also see tangible evidence when I am NOT caring for myself!

PASSION | How does this fuel your passions?

JD: I have more energy and brightness to keep laying the bricks when I am rested and cared for. It's also very empowering knowing I have taken responsibility for my own health and well being. Running my business requires discipline and diligence. It is evident in my work when I am coming from a place of fullness rather than running on empty and feeling depleted.

CALLING | What called you to what you are doing now?

JD: A deep desire to stay connected to the vast and boundless spirit that I am and a willingness to do the work, no matter how hard or painful, to keep bridging that gap from my soul to my everyday life.

PURPOSE | How is it expressing your purpose?

JD: I have the absolute honor of offering opportunities to others via the online school to know themselves more intimately. I know how easy it is to forget yourself and start to identify with the world around you or even the stories in your head. Personally, I need these reminders moment by moment and in creating them for myself I discovered that others need them too.

SEVA | How do you feel it is helping you to be in seva (selfless service)?

JD: I have the opportunity, through the courses and amazing teachers to really make programs and opportunities available to those who need it by giving courses and scholarships away for free. Seats in a virtual classroom are limitless.

I also take great pride in creating an unforgettable experience for the students that come to our online campus.

MANTRA | What mantra do you live by?

JD: I am available.



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