Kali-Ma Puja

Kali-Ma Puja

from Athena Shakti

Kali shows us her fiercest face, dark and vicious. Sprung from the head of Durga-ma, she is the symbol of the mother pushed too far. She is the call of the wild woman screaming her duty into the ether. Kali is the dark power within us that comes from our gift--and our duty--of being life-bringers. She is the ultimate ancestor, willing to destroy that which impedes life. When things need to be put aright, we as women can find no truer ally that the great Kali-ma.

She is beautiful in her darkness. She is lovely in her power. She is the goddess that many of us are feeling down in our bellies when we look out into the world and see it being destroyed by outmoded systems of oppression. To invoke Kali-ma is to say, unequivocally, that we have had enough of this shit. If we must destroy what is in order to preserve what is coming, than that is our duty. We must preserve life for our children, for all children. We must speak for the creatures of land, sea and air who do not have a human voice. We must fight for the earth herself and the water in her veins.

Sometimes, that takes blood. Only in this instance, instead of spilling the blood of innocents in the name of power, we must give the blood that only women are capable of giving. Our blood is the power of the race; we give it every month and it is this blood that empowers our Kali-ma. We must spill the blood of life, and liberate that process from the shame it has known for ages.

Kali-ma is the rage of women. She is the bloody goddess of our wombs, the mother pushed to violence by the demons devouring humanity. We cannot shy from her darkness. But rather we must own it as a process of our liberation. Kali does not destroy wantonly--that is so important to remember. This is because instead of slaying the demons, she ingests them. She purifies them. She transforms this darkness into a powerful light. Do you understand? This is how we must honour her; she deserves no less.

Traditionally, a puja is held somewhere around November 10th for the great goddess Kali-ma. Given this close proximity to Samhain and the thinning of the veils, I am not surprised. For what better time to pay homage to the ultimate saver of life? This year, we are doubly blessed to be looking at the 1:1:1 portal opening on November 11th. This tells me that we all have a real, collective opportunity to get some serious work done using the deep well of power that is available to us as Kali-ma. We can set about changing the world from the Astral blueprint.

This ritual is best performed up until the 11th. Dark of night is best. However, that being said, any time that you want to honour Kali is a good time. Any time that you want to bring her forth in the service of women is a good time. So please do not feel restricted.

Tools: A moveable altar surface, (such as a tray, plate or basket), large tourmaline or black onyx, wine (preferably red), flowers, feather, dark coloured candle, sage or palo santo, dark red fruit (pomegranite would be ideal, but any berry will do), menstrual blood if you are cycling. A handkerchief will also be beneficial.

Mantra: Om Sri Maha Kali-kai-ay Namaha-- chanted in monotone. This mantra will invoke the transformative powers of Kali to eradicate the negative energies present in the world.

Practice: Prepare yourself for ritual work in your accustomed fashion. Bathe, salt, and oil yourself as you normally would. Clear your scared space and cast circle if that is part of your practice. If not, please be certain to create a ritual atmosphere through the chant of Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. It is critically important that all ritual work be delineated in time and space from the routine so that the power can be focused and contained.

Sit cross-legged on the floor and arrange your tools around you, placing the tray or plate directly in front of you. Begin to chant the mantra and do not stop as you continue the ritual, pausing only to speak to the goddess and then beginning immediately again. If your hair is long enough, please braid it with deliberate motions, weaving the mantra into the braid.

Place your crystal in the center of the tray. This will represent our goddess, the eater of negativity, so please see it as such. You may ritually greet it if that feels right to you. Then light the smoke and wave it with the feather around the stone, washing it in the scent of sage or palo santo. Call forth the power of the goddess by name, inviting her into the space, into the crystal home you are preparing for her. In the same phrase, banish any entities that may seek to mislead, misinform, misrepresent, or cause mischief in your work. Don't fuck around here. Be stern. Be serious. Those critters have no place in this work and need to fuck off. From this point on, that stone is your goddess, Kali-ma.

Set the feather aside and gently blow the smoke over the stone, offering your breath of life. Take some of the wine into your mouth, and then pour a small amount over the stone as you swallow. Lay the flowers all around the base of the stone, creating a bed for the goddess; weave one into your braid. Then take a piece of the fruit, bite into it to find the juice and rub the juice onto the stone. Lay a few seeds or berries around the stone as an offering of nourishment. Keep chanting.

If you have the blood, annoint the stone with a small amount, acknowledging that this is the blood of life. Give her this gift. (If you do not, substitute more of the juice, verbalizing the substitution. Then on your next cycle, just take a moment, ya?) Then light the candle.

Here is the point when we pray. With the full force of your being, rich and radiant and sacred begin to pray for the healing. See what needs to be transformed in the world and show it to Kali-ma. Let her rage take you, feel it and weep with the darkness of everything that is wrong. Go up into the astral blueprint and look at this world on a meta level. What needs to be changed? Let her show you what that is. Then change it. Fix it. Devour it and transform it into the vision of health and healing for us all. For this moment in time, you are doing the work of Kali--be certain it is the right work, the work in service to cleaning, clearing and healing. Under no circumstances is this the time for personal meddling. Do you understand? This is goddess work and if you use it wrong it will bite you in the ass. We honour Kali-ma by agreeing to be a force of change in the world. We are devourers of negativity and evil.

This will be hard, I'm not going to lie. Your emotional centers and your psychic centers are going to be ultra hot and sensitive if you really let yourself go there. If you are empathic in any way, you are going to feel so acutely the trauma of our human suffering. Please be prepared. But if you stay there, if you go there, you can do the work that needs to be done. And if enough of us do it, then change will happen.

At some point, as you feel the meditation winding down, spit. Spit it all out. Keep going until you no longer feel the urge to spit. When that happens, you will know that your work is done. Brush yourself off with your hands and be ultra sure to let go of anything that you think might be hanging on. Stop chanting and say it out loud. Thank the goddess, but let it be known that you are done with this work here and now. Thank her again with all of your heart. Close your space formally, either by closing circle, or chanting Sat Nam. (Or both)

Take the tray outside and let it rest in the moonlight. You may leave the stone there for the night. But in the morning, break the tray down and use that stone to absorb any negativity, either by carrying it with you, or gridding it into an important part of your home.

Namaste and good luck.

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