Kundalini Yoga Breath Practice for Stressful Times


Try this pranayama when feeling stressed, imbalanced or unstable.

BEGIN: Tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3x. Sit comfortably, lengthen the spine.

MUDRA: Raise the arms with the elbows bent until the hands meet at the level of the heart in front of the chest. The forearms make a straight line parallel to the ground. Spread the fingers of both hands. Touch the fingertips and thumb tips of opposite hands together. Create enough pressure to join the first segments of each finger. The thumbs are stretched back and point toward the torso. The fingers are bent slightly due to the pressure. The palms are separated.

DRISTI: Fix your eyes at the tip of the nose.

BREATH: Inhale smoothly and deeply through the nose. Exhale through the rounded lips in 8 equal emphatic strokes. On each exhale, pull the Navel Point in sharply.

TIME: 3 - 11 minutes. Practicing longer is only for the dedicated and serious student.

END: Inhale deeply, hold for 10-30 seconds, and exhale. Inhale again and shake the hands. Relax.


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