Left Nostril Breathing to Calm the F**k Down


Left nostril breathing

This is a nice yogic practice to effectively calm the f**k down. And other stuff. But mostly, ya know, to calm. the. f**k. down.

Because we allllll need it sometimes. Am I right?

Try it

Sit up straight. Close the eyes. Cover the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly. Try it for three minutes. 



Don't you feel better?

The left nostril is connected with the ida, or moon energy, which is calming, cooling and receptive. 

This also works great for curbing emotional eating and all addictions. When a craving hits. Do three minutes of breath.

Essentially you can do it anywhere. Just hop in the bathroom, a closet or a corner if need be! I do it in my car while driving often. 


Still got no chill? I made a Playlist for that. Check it out HERE. It's a community effort, feel free to add to it.  

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