My Prayer for Our Girls


I just found out it's ‪International Day of the Girl‬ which is interesting because I've had a prayer for our girls beating so strongly in my heart the last two days.

By our girls I mean all of them, mine and yours, the girls of the world and the girl still carried in the heart of every woman. I mean the fierce ones and the tender ones, the privileged ones and the forgotten. This world is a crazy place and if you're not careful it can crush you. It can take a girls spirit and twist it up a million ways.

I'm dreaming of a world that doesn't do that. Of one that recognizes the sacredness of the female, of one that honors the holiness of every woman, of every girl. And I know to have this place we all have to be part. We have to start seeing all the girls of the world as our girls.

As women it's our job to raise these girls strong, full, courageous and compassionate. And men, we need you to watch out for these girls, to protect them and give them a safe space to explore the world, to find themselves and to grow into the graceful women they can become when held in that love and safety.

I pray that every girl can have not only basic human rights, but the love and care and respect that will allow her to flourish. I pray that my daughter can grow up knowing her value and worth is not based on her body or her attractiveness. I pray that the girl inside me finds peace.

I pray that we all may know what is like to come together in community and take care of one another and to allow these new generations of girls safe passage into their lives.

With all my heart this is my prayer today. Sat Nam.

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