October Forecast

October Forecast with Athena Shakti

The Space Between

I have almost overdosed on the reading of monthly forecasts. My head spins with planets, stars and moon orientations. I have absorbed so much information about the noosphere, the super galactic center, and the 9:9:9 portal that I feel like I want to curl up under the bed and wait until reason reasserts itself.

But I straight up don’t think that this is going to happen. I don’t think that it can happen. I think that we have found ourselves on the brink of an evolution that is looking to crest, and that the old way is hanging on with an iron grip. So those of us who are looking for harmony, understanding and a sense of rhythm are feeling pinched in a truly painful way. September reflected this in a very visceral way, and just about everybody that I know made it through by the skin of their teeth.
You too? Yeah, I hear you.

So in rolls October and most of us feel like a dog that has been dumped overboard and somehow (who knows how) managed to paddle to an island shore. Salty, dirty, exhausted, and dizzy, here we are….safe….but traumatized. Add to that a true sense of not knowing where the hell we are or what we just landed ourselves into, and you have a hot emotional mess to deal with for sure. That’s not going to change, because there is simply too much work to do. There is so much change on the horizon that I simply don’t see it clearing up any time soon.

The good news is that we are on shore, right? We aren’t swimming right now, right? The waves aren’t pushing relentlessly into our faces at the moment, right? Right. So how about we stick with that for the next few weeks, okay? 

This is the essence of October in a nutshell. The new moon in Libra on the 1st puts a little balance into the picture. We can see, if just for this moment, the flip side of all that has happened. We can step out of the emotional sense of being tossed around and upside down and see how some of that might have been a good thing. So I want you to use that. I want you to take a big old breath and as an exercise take notes about everything good that came out of the storm.

Everything that felt like shit, or made you want to cry, I want you to look at the wonder inside all of that. Where was the gift? What made you grow? What were you liberated from? The beauty of the Libra new moon is that we are offered the opportunity to balance it all out and bring the quality of mind into what has been a very emotional Piscean experience.

This will not devalue the emotions that rose up for us. On the contrary, it will help us to see how they served us and how they helped us evolve. Libra is adding to Pisces, not replacing it or diminishing it. Some truly powerful stuff came up last month. But we have to bring it up into our heads to process it and to make it into a force of change. Do you understand? The cyclical nature of the moon always gives us exactly what we need to process what we are given. So use that. Go Libra.

If we tap into that cycle and ride it adeptly for the rest of the month, when we are faced with the Scorpio new moon the day before All Hallow’s Eve (sheesh, right? Could that timing be any more obvious??), we should be prepared to go back fishing into the Underworld. My guess is that most of us left something down there than needs to be retrieved in order for us as a collective to do the work that is being asked of us.

And make no mistake. There is a lot that is being asked of us. The time for bullshit is up and the ride is going to get rough if we don’t get the hang of the reins. Figure it out now while there are a few weeks of breathing room; take the time to rest, recharge, and think. A sense of urgency around completing this cycle will be seen as we near the Aries full moon on the 16th, so just be prepared, be diligent and take care of yourself.

There’s a lot going on, y’all. Its okay to feel a little nuts around it. But keep the faith, do the work, stay kind, and we will all be just fine. 



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