On Breaking Open

Here’s what I want to tell you today:

You are not bad or wrong or less-than or a failure or weak because you are sometimes broken by the world.

Your ability to break open is a testimony to your heart, it is real and it is honest and it is human.

And if you don’t admit the places in you that are cracking or hurting or wailing they will kill you. Do you hear me? They will kill you.

They will take up inside you like poison; they will leak into your relationships and onto this earth like poison.

Do not make yourself wrong for your anger or your grief or your pain.

Do not cling to it either.

Let it be the wave that moves through you.

Trust yourself. You were made for this, you have nothing to fear.

And stop hiding. Stop pretending. Look around you. The whole world is going crazy. We’re all going up in flames.

The only sane thing we can do anymore is to tell the god damn truth and to witness that truth in each other.

That’s all that’s left here.

May we be brave enough to endure it.




I love you and you are not alone.

xx Jessica

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