Reclamation: Calling Back Your Wholeness



So many women have spent years cutting away pieces of themselves, trimming their spirits into pretty packages.

They hide away the parts that don’t fit and the parts deemed “bad”.

In patriarchal culture women are taught to hide what is too much, too intense, too emotional — what is natively feminine and barely understood.

But worse, in “spiritual” communities, it’s not wholeness that’s offered, but more shaming, more cutting away.

They are told not to be negative, not to be angry, not to judge.

They are told to offer love and acceptance to the “other”, but asked to do so often at the expense of their own emotional and intuitive intelligence.

They are told to choose only “high vibration” feelings, as if only some emotions are worthy of god.

So they stuff their rage, feel guilty for the violence that beats at their chests and hide their suffering.

They repress their jealousy, their desire, their fear, their bitterness. They make good and play nice. They smile and breathe deeply and meditate.

They numb themselves to the immensity of power welling behind their unexpressed fury.

And they never know that the world actually needs that fury as much as it needs their love, that it’s the fuel for our creativity, vitality, integrity.

Working to better themselves, they choose emotions which are “loving”, “spiritual” and “enlightened”. Over and over they deny what moves naturally within them.

But we don’t need more denial.

We need women who are real, alive and fearlessly open.

We need women who are doing reclamation work — calling back the lost, fragmented and suppressed aspects of psyche and heart and who hold space for others to do the same.

We need women who say "YES!" to their own spirit, "YES!" to their own humanity and "NO!" to anyone and anything asks that they sell off parts of themselves as unworthy or unholy.

This is healing. This is self-love. This is power.



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