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So. Here we are into the New Year and so many of us have sat back and read the predictions for the year….for the month…for the week.

We are almost all relieved to be rid of 2016; it seemed to present a lot of challenges for even the happiest of folks. Now everybody is talking about what 2017 is going to look like and advising us to get settled into what we want to change in the coming year. Resolutions. Intentions. Manifestations. Whatever you want to call it, this is the call of the day.

I pretty much fall into the “fuck that” category of people. I don’t make resolutions. Especially ones that are going to be written in for a year. I once was asked to set down a series of goals spanning a time frame of one year, five years, ten years. The moment I committed those goals to paper, the whole matrix of flow shut down. Like, hardcore. It took me a few months to realize that the simple act of locking those concepts down was antithetical to how I ran my flow. I make space and what I need comes in. Now, I’m clear about what I need, but I recognize that I am never really in control of how I get it. The Universe provides. Sometimes in strange ways, but I always have what I need and I am always in place to be of service to god.

That’s obviously just how I roll.

But putting commandments down about where I was going to be, how it was going to look, how I was going to get there….that shit did not work for the Universe. It gave me a huge, “Oh really?!?” and stopped sending in what I needed. I was miserable. Just miserable. And it was then that I understood that those of us on the dharma train have to run things a little bit differently. It’s a super fine line between being passive and useless and surrendering to greater action. But if we are going to be beings of spirit functioning on the manifest plane, we will need to have different ways of having “Goals”. These methods have to work for the way we work, and with the relationship we have with the force.

So welcome to the retrograde reboot. It happens at least once a quarter (gee, much like the solstice/ equinox cycle) and it gives us the opportunity that we need to sit back with the Universe, have a glass of wine (sake, kombucha…whatever) and lay down how we want to feel while we are living these lives of service. We are given three weeks roughly every quarter to reassess what has been working and what is absolutely not. During this time, we can go with the messenger down to the underworld of our spirit and take a healthy look at where we are screwing the proverbial pooch. And then when he rises back to the overworld astral matrix, we can send him with our requests for how the next rotation should go.

This means that our “resolutions” only have to be paving stones to the next retrograde. They can be small, digestible chunks of time and effort that allow for real changes to come into effect. And then we have an opportunity to assess what we just experienced, modify the trajectory, build upon the success, or smash them to bits and start over for another small cycle. Get it? How easy is that? And how amazing that this has been built into our natural rhythm since before there was time?

So, lets reboot before the Messenger turns direct. And let’s be committed to doing this every time he heads back down to the darkness, generating a collective effort to be of service in a way that is authentic to how we got ourselves into service. I’m pretty sure that the only way to be truly successful in this spiritual life is to be honest, authentic, and very, very clear about how we want that life to look. Not on the field of the obvious, but rather in the ethers of where manifestation really happens—the fields of emotion, vision and knowing. This is the language that the Universe speaks. 


As Mercury is going direct. For this date (01/05/2017) that means today, tomorrow, or Sunday. The moon cycle is irrelevant.


Sage or palo santo, feathers, candles, myrrh or frankincense, journal, selenite or angelite, tourmaline or obsidian, ritual cacao or blessed wine, a small bowl, a solid tray or dedicated altar space. If your hair is long, please have a hair tie ready.


The Fool, the High Priestess, The Chariot


Ong namo guru dev namo, guru dev namo, guru deva

Ek Ong Kaur Sat Gur Prasaad, Sat Gur Prasaad Ek Ong Kaur—Jai Jagdeesh does the most useable versions of these mantras for this work.


As with any ritual, you must create a space that is sacred and clean of entities that would infect your workings. You yourself must be in a state of mind that is clear of infectious thoughts and conflicting desires. So get clean. Take a ritual bath or shower with soaps that you find pleasing. Dress in clothes that are clean and loose. Have a glass of sacred chocolate or wine as you set about making your sacred space open and amenable to the vibes you are laying down. Burn the cleansing smoke and walk it about the space consciously ridding the area of any dark energies. Say it out loud, make some noise, be forceful but not rude. You must be in complete control of your space so that it resonates to your frequency.

Lay down your circle if that is inside your practice. If it is not, lay down a mat or a blanket and place crystals at the four corners to delineate the working space. Be certain that your moveable altar space fits inside the working space, or that the dedicated altar space is easily accessible. You do not want to be breaking vibe to cross the room and work the altar, OR light your sheepskin mat on fire because the space is too small for your altar. Capeesh?

Now lets get down to tacks. You need to find the place inside of you that has the knowing, the quiet space that may not have a reason, but it has the answer. So get comfortable, sit down, take your drink and begin to breathe. Breathe long and slow, in through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the mouth, out through the nose, in through the nose, and so on and so forth. Keep the breath slow and circular with minimal pausing between inhale and exhale. Breathe in this fashion for 5-10 minutes before slipping into regular, slow nose breathing. If you have long hair, please braid it in some fashion now, chanting ong namo guru dev namo, guru dev namo, guru deva softly as you braid. If your hair is short, just chant.

Keep chanting as you light the candles and the incense. Wave the feather through the smoke before tucking it into your braid. If your hair is short, stick the feather behind your ear if possible. Take the stones and place the selenite/angelite in your right hand and the tourmaline/ obsidian in your left, holding them lightly.

Think of Mercury; see him in his winged helmet sliding down the rainbow bridge to the darkness. Know that he is your messenger, taking information from your highest self down into the depth of your darkness. Allow yourself to go with him. Willingly. Keep chanting softly until you have allowed yourself to slip into the nether world of your not-knowing. Stop chanting.

Echo into this space:

What isn’t working for me?
What makes me feel less than?
What do I never want to experience again?

Then listen, listen for the answers. Place the dark stone onto the altar. Pour a small amount of your drink into the bowl and offer it to the Messenger. Ask him to take these answers to the universe to act upon, bringing to them the full force and power of his divinity. See and feel him agree to work with you.

Then in this space of cooperation, ask the following:

In what area do I most want to feel fulfilled?
What actions are going to make me feel the most successful?
Which fruits of these understandings do I most want to experience?

Then listen, listen for the answers. Take your journal and write them down. Place that paper on the altar and lay the light stone down on top of it. And sing, SING, Ek ong kaur, sat gur prasaad, sat gur prasaad ek ong kaur. Understand that this is the MOST sacred of mantras and it has the power to bring wishes into reality. So sing that with all of your heart, singing and chanting Mercury on his way up the rainbow bridge carrying your manifestations with him. You must do this for at least eleven minutes and don’t wimp out. Don’t get bored or distracted, you must stay focused on what you know heading up into the astral to be written into your matrix. Once you have completed this time, if you want to go on for the next eleven minutes, feel free. But when you know you are complete, stop chanting and sit for a minute. Let those concepts go. Release them. You have to trust that the actions will be presented to you, but you are not to try and drive them, or hang on to them like stones in your pocket. Mercury has some time to work on this, and you must have the openness to take the right action at the right time.

Leave the altar set, and place it someplace visible and sacred. You will know the time to break it down. Break circle with a closing chant, or an expression of gratitude to the ancestors, angels, elements and helpful spirits that came to aid you. Thank Mercury for his presence during this ritual and in your life. Bow out, and be free.

Wahe Guru.

By Athena Shakti


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