Self-Care for Eclipse Season



1. Breathe. Yep, I know this is easy, but just take a minute to close your eyes and breathe fully all the way down into your belly. Inhale the breath down the front of the body to your pelvic area and then exhale it up the back of the body along the spine. 

2. Get green. Eat as much green as you can, (maybe even all green - see the Yogi Bhajan green diet). Put extra green herbs in and on your food. Drink water with chlorophyll. Saturate your body with green food. Green fruits and vegetables strengthen the nervous system and tone the glands. 

Additionally, saturate your environment with green. Buy some new plants for your home. Put green crystals and stones near you. Take the green bath I posted HERE. Get into nature. Visualize green during your meditations.

Surround yourself with green in every single way you can think of. (Especially important to follow if you are experiencing intense purging.)

3. Take cool showers. If you must take a hot shower, turn the cold water on at the beginning and the end. If you take a bath, rinse with cool water before and after.

One better? Practice Ishnaan, the Yogic Cold Shower Therapy! It'll strengthen your nervous system, clean your blood and fortify your auric field. Learn more HERE.

4. Practice Sitali Pranayama for 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night.

5. Tap on your Thymus. Sounds weird, but it will help to integrate the extra energy available right now into the heart. (If you don't know, your thymus is right above your heart.)

6. Listen to the mantra Prithvi Hai or Dharti Hai which takes the  ether element and the earth element and binds them at the heart center.

7. Emotional overload? Wrap your head. This yogic technology keeps your pranic energy contained and stable. Learn how to wrap HERE

8. Practice a Meditation for a Calm Heart with me, HERE. 

BONUS: Oh hey -- I made you a playlist! Listen HERE.  


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