September Forecast

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IMPORTANT DATES: Annular Solar Eclipse - September 1st, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - September 16th, Autumn Equinox - September 22

CRYSTALS: Anything you can get your hands on. Seriously, bling it up. 

YOGA: Kriya for Electromagnetic Frequency + anything for the aura. 

MANTRA: Sa Ta Na Ma, Mul Mantra, Gobinday Mukanday


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Things are great one minute, completely awful the next. You’re flying high and then all of a sudden it’s as if you’re slugging through endless muck. You have tons of energy — you’re electric, on fire — and then you crash, exhausted, depressed. You feel super sensitive, but also kinda like you just don’t give a FUCK. Welcome to eclipse season my friends. 

September puts us smack in the middle of two eclipses. Eclipses, especially having more than one within a relatively small window (two this month!), can trigger a serious roller coaster effect. (More on that, HERE.)

Pair that with the Autumn Equinox and mercury going retrograde -- it's like whoa.

Deep-seated fears are triggered as subconscious patterns crack through to the surface. Karmic debt is up for cleansing or payment. You are being activated, triggered and shaken-up.

But guess what? This is good work. This is actually really good work. This is the kind of work that needs to be done.

We’re being recalibrated and rebooted. We are purging the gunk from the lines to make way for that which will serve us better. New power, new direction, new purpose, new prosperity, new whatever you need is on the horizon. This is a major up-leveling.

But first we have to see what is and isn't working. Are you paying attention? You're going to want to take notes. Sometimes when things get tumultuous it's easy to go into overwhelm and check out. Instead, see if you can stay really conscious and aware right now. It will serve you. 

What’s coming is coming, so don’t try to hide. (Yo! I see you trying, it's not going to work. Sorry not sorry.)

Not only is hiding futile — How the heck do you hide from T-H-E-U-N-I-V-E-R-S-E ? — but it puts you at odds with the flow. That’s just not where you want to be. Trust me.

The Universe always (always, always, always, always) rewards our bravery when we stand and face what we’d rather run from. This is one of those times.

It is a time for grit and grace.

Mmmm.... let's say that again: It's a time for grit and grace. 

The trick here is to try to ride the wave of the eclipses. You’ve got to become a cosmic surfer now. Learn to move with the current instead of panicking that the water is changing beneath you.

That's what navigating September well will look like.

And poorly? Pretty much an oh-fuck-free-fall that lands you flat on your face or crumbling into a puddle on the floor.

Either way you’ll get to the other side.

But we are in the Age of Aquarius now. No longer does it work to be victims of circumstance or to be tossed around by our emotions and commotions. We have the tools which allow us to not only get through the times — but to prosper, to grow, to excel and to serve through them.

The yogic way to navigate these times with grace (and not on your face!) is to work on strengthening your auric field. Your aura gives you a container which keeps you calm, stable and secure when life gets bumpy. Strengthening it will allow you to move through challenges with greater ease and less resistance.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Yeah, so practice the sets HERE to tune up your aura.

(If you are feeling relatively unaffected this month, congratulations, you probably have a very strong aura and/or you've been doing your yoga!)

This eclipse portal opens many access points — to our subconscious, to our past, to our karma, to our ancestors and to other realms.

That can be unnerving. Or it can be awesome. (It's okay to enjoy this ride!)

To help the process of subconscious clearing move through, I suggest doing Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma). It will engage you in an active role in this cleansing. If you feel triggered by past events, depressed, are having bizarre dreams, feel like something dreadful is about to happen, or are finding yourself acting out old habits and patterns, this is for you.

Practice the Mul Mantra and Gobinday Mukanday to work with the karmic issues coming up. Also do the Kriya for Electromagnetic Frequency. 

This is a very important time for ancestral work. Ancestral work comes with karmic work. (Did you know you carry karma from your bloodline? You even carry cultural karma.)

If you have a ritual or practice for this, take it up with full heart. If you do not, starting one can be as simple as asking for the connection to be made. Call on your ancestors, by name if you can, but it doesn’t have to be the case.

Ask them for guidance. Ask for help if you need it. Ask for their blessing and their healing.

Then ask them what they need from you.

This is part of healing the karma. It's not something we're taught to do in this society, but it is important to make this gesture and offer yourself in this service. Healing and clearing for your ancestors is a gift you give not only to them, but to yourself and the generations that come after you. 

Yogi Bhajan said that when we work to clear our subconscious, we are directly impacting and healing seven generations past and seven generations into the future. See the connections here? 

The world needs this healing right now. (Hello Standing Rock!) 

It's a turbulent time out there babes, but it’s up to you to own your experience. This can also be a potent opportunity for great healing and a deep shift in how you experience life. 

In each moment we choose what we create. Let's now choose our excellence. 


Aura kriyas

Kriya for Electromagnetic Frequency 

Mul Mantra, Gobinday Mukanday, Sa Ta Na Ma:


Kirtan Kriya:




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