Sitali Breath to Reduce Anxiety

sitali breath sevapreet

Sitali breath 

Use this simple pranayama (breath practice) to cool anxiety, frayed nerves and anger. It also helps to heal the digestive system. 

Posture: Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light neck lock. 

Breath: Roll the tongue into a "U," with the tip just outside of the lips. Some people can not genetically do this with the tongue, fight is the case, just attempt to, but don't worry if the tongue doesn't totally roll.

Inhale deeply through the rolled tongue, hold the breath for just a moment and then exhale through the nose.

Time: 3 minutes or more.

Yogi Bhajan suggests you practice this 26 times in the morning and 26 times in the evening.


Also good for relaxation, left nostril breathing.




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