The Fall is a Time of Going Under.


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The fall is a time of going under. It's the time many of us are called to tend to the underworld. We're preparing for the death of winter.

For me this is a time of shamanic work, a time to reconnect with the elements, with the darkness, with the mysterious.

For most of my life I would get very depressed in the fall. I always knew it was coming, but I never knew why.

This morning sitting in my meditation I understood. Although I have only come to learn about the shaman part of me in the last couple years, it has always been there. It has always been pulling me. And in the fall, it pulls me under.

Now that I know better and can hear the call and go willingly, there is no more struggle and no more depression.

Sometimes there are just things to be done underground. I've come to realize I work very light and very dark. I am a woman, I am the moon. I am also Gemini, with two very distinct sides.

The image I see of the fall is a tending to a garden, but not taking care of the topside, the plants, the fruits, the vegetables. No, the fall tending is to the soil, to what's underneath, to what nourishes and feeds the roots when the death of winter comes.

We should all do that now. September will bring big changes. I feel it in my bones. Not just for me, but for many. I think this means we need to start our root work early.

What kind of soil are you tending? Is it rich and fertile, able to sustain you if a long winter were to come?

If not, how can you make it more fertile? What feeds you? What nourishes your soul? What makes you come alive? When do you know best your purpose here?

Do that now. Don't wait. You will need the sustenance. You will need to know your connection to the underside of things, to the depths, to your roots.

Modern religions teach us that spirit is up, always up, ascending towards the heavens in the sky, and that our primal, inferior nature is down in the earth, in the muck.

But what if I told you your spirit lived down in that earth, in that muck? What if I told you that you had to learn to traverse the underworld in order to get it, and that only then could you reach skyward with any power?

This is what fall teaches us: The descent. That's why it's called the fall.

Have courage and faith. Tend to your soil. It will still be there even if the whole upper landscape of your life were to tumble down or blow away. Which it may. September will be a wild one.

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