The Kali Sessions: Invoking a New Feminine Archetype

The Kali Sessions: Invoking a New Feminine Archetype

The world will change when the women change. It is time to rise up sisters. This is work we need to do together. 

In this course we will:

  • Reflect deeply on what it means to be a woman today. 
  • Explore who we really are and what we really want outside of societal programming. 
  • Engage in daily practices to free ourselves from an outdated patriarchal ideology and reconnect with our natural wisdom, creativity and intuition. 
  • Blow apart how the current system of oppression functions within and around us. 
  • Engage new archetypal energies to create deep change in ourselves and our world.
  • Use the potent technology of Kundalini Yoga to shift into our power and purpose. 
  • Practice embodiment, somatic awareness and pranyama to awaken and empower ourselves. 
  • Have open discussion on what our power is and how we can wield it to make effective, real change in the world. 

You can read more about this Kali energy HERE. 

Join me for an epic journey of transformation. More details to come.

UPDATE: We are still forming what exactly the Kali Sessions will be. Signing up below ensures you get all the details once they're set. (It is not an obligation to participate.) 


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