The Year of the Woman

You can hear it right, this call echoing in the hearts of women?

The world is falling apart, the earth is being poisoned, brutalized and ravaged, babies are being bombed into pieces, hate is spreading like wildfire.

And the world has not saved us. Our leaders did not save us. Our fathers didn’t save us. Our lovers will never save us. 

Instead it’s been the other way all along. It is us who must save the world.

2017 will be the year of the woman.

There is a huge awakening in response to this call. Women are waking up ready to be sacred activist, ready to be the protectors of the earth and it’s people.
This is as it should be. You were made to do this. Your love, your grace and your strength can contain the entire world.

But not if you’re living in a broken shell of who you are.

Do you have any idea the immense power of woman? Woman is the creative force of the Universe itself and there is nothing more powerful on this earth than She.

So why do you still act small? Why do you still question wether or not you can make a difference?

There is no other way than you.

In order to rise up and meet this call, you need to have a deep and embodied understanding of who you are in all it’s strength and vastness. You have to understand the totality of your essence.


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