Wahe Guru Mantra

wahe guru mantra

Years ago a long-time Kundalini yogi gave me a mantra to help me heal a serious illness I was struggling with. I had never really used mantra before and was new to Kundalini Yoga. The mantra was Wahe Guru. Man, did it kind of change everything.

Wahe Guru represents the indescribable ecstasy of going from dark to light. It is an exclamation like wow or oh my god. But even that does' quite cover it. I mean, how often do we actually exclaim something in ecstasy?

It's the infinite ecstasy of dwelling in God. Now, I've had some moments of dwelling in god. And I don't know if the word ecstasy even does it justice. I can't quite imagine experiencing dwelling there infinitely — although I know, of course, it is where we always are wether we recognize it or not.

I used this mantra constantly, when I was in pain and when I was scared. And it actually worked. Very well. Very quickly. You can read more about that healing here.

Mantra is so powerful and they say this one is like saying 11,000 Hars. 11,000! That's a lot of Hars. It balances the energies of the generating, organizing, and transforming principles. Or generating, organizing and destroying principles (G.O.D.) as Yogi Bhajan describes it.

You see, our whole world is made of sound vibration. The ancient rishis knew this and now science knows it. So when we use Naad, or cosmic sound vibration, we deliberately and actively create -- or recreate -- our reality.

Want to try it? Here's a great meditation you can do with the beautiful Nirinjan Kaur. 


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  • Anna De La Rosa

    Omgggggg I love this and I saved this article of yours last year and I am revisiting it again cuz it is so powerful
    Love you

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