What this Eclipse Portal is Activating for You

Eclipse portal August 7th- 21st. A time to get genuine. 

This eclipse portal - opened on the lunar eclipse, August 7th, fully activated on the Lion’s Gate August 8th, and ending with the solar eclipse on August 21st is intense. 

Eclipses are highly charged times of polarity. 

This opens up a process for deep cleansing — this means purging from the physical body, emotional body, energetic body and the psyche. All of these happen both individually and collectively. Many of you are experiencing this purging. (See below for help with this.)

The eclipses also light up everything that holds a charge. Even the unseen ones. 

Unfinished business, repressed or unprocessed emotions, hidden beliefs and hidden agendas will suddenly come to life — like BOOM. In your face. (Again, this is BOTH personal and collective.)

These charges can feel electric, intense and often irrational. Eclipses, and a solar eclipse in particular, set off a TON of heat. Pair that with the middle of high summer, a very pitta, heat activated time, and you can bet things will be explosive.

This is already happening. It’s going to get more intense over the next week.

It is not a coincidence that this coming solar eclipse is being called The Great American Eclipse, a solar eclipse being a time when the light is completely overshadowed by the dark.

But let’s look a little further. There's good here.

The Lion's Gate Portal on 8-8 was a huge heart-light activation. What this time is asking of us is to get very GENUINE. This is similar to authentic, but not quite. I think of genuine as authentic + humble.

This is NOT, as many are saying, a time to do manifestation or abundance work.

Please read that again.

Using this energy for money + power, etc… is a misuse of the energy available right now. In essence, it is choosing your ego over humanity. That might seem a little extreme, but this is a serious warning to heed. DO NOT MISUSE THE ENERGY. It is NOT for your personal gain. It is for the evolution and healing of the collective.

You have access to deep work during this time. Let the magnetics of the eclipse help you clear out the things that secretly move you. It is the repressed parts of ourselves which reach out from the subconscious and create chaos, both in our self and in our world.

The things that live in the shadows birth our neurosis, our manipulations, our masks, our narcissism, our dishonesty and our greed. They consume our life force and eclipse our natural goodness.

Shed some light onto the parts of yourself you have rejected. Inquire into them. And then integrate them back into your being by owning them.

Then look at your life. Drop the hustle for a minute and ask yourself: How can I be more GENUINE? How can I be more honest? How can I be more real? How can I be more compassionate? How can I be more helpful? How can I be more humble?

Use this energy to clear your "space" and then to serve. Get out of yourself. Get out of your fantasy. You are a human being on a spinning ball with almost 8 billion other human beings. We are all different. We are all the same. We are all equal. We must care for each other and our planet. 

If you choose not to use this activated energy selfishly, the purging of your subconscious and karma will be able to complete a full cycle. You will come out the other side of the eclipse on the 21st feeling much lighter, cleaner, and freer. You will find yourself suddenly having left behind old patterns and behaviors without even knowing how. You will have new energy moving into the heart and an awakened sense of connection and purpose. You will also help the collective purging and healing happening.

… And you just might find you’ve become a littler better human being in the process.

Navigating this portal with ease

I also have some very specific, prescriptive, recommendations to help you navigate this time with more ease:

1. Get green. 

Eat as much green as you can, ALL green if you can - see the Yogi Bhajan green diet. Eat tons of cucumbers. Put green herbs in and on your food. Drink water with chlorophyll. Saturate your body with green.

Additionally, saturate your environment with green. Buy some new plants for your home. Put green crystals and stones near you. Take the green bath I posted HERE. Get into nature. Visualize green during your meditations.

Surround yourself with green in EVERY single way you can think of. Not a little, but a lot. This may seem bizarre, but it will really, really help you get through this portal. Especially important to follow if you are experiencing intense purging.

2. Take cool showers. If you must take a hot shower turn the cold water on at the beginning and the end. If you take a bath rinse with cool water before and after.

3. Practice Sitali Pranayama for 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night.

4. Tap on your Thymus. Sounds weird, but it will help to integrate the heart-light activation from the Lion's Gate portal down into the heart. (If you don't know, your thymus is right above your heart.)

5. Listen to the mantra Prithvi Hai or Dharti Hai which take the ether and the earth and bind them at the heart center.

"How to work with fear, aversion and suffering: Confess your hidden faults | Approach what you find repulsive | Help those you think you cannot help | Anything you are attached to, give that | Go to the places that scare you." ~ Phadhampa Sangye's instructions to Machig Labron via Pema Chodron

See you all on the other side!




  • Atma

    This was hugely helpful. Thank you. With this ecliptic cycle going on, a friend and colleague suggested I run a workshop with the main theme of ancestral healing. The workshop was sold out and a follow up is full. Wonderful yes… shows how much people are willing to do the work…. and I’m in emotional tatters having been adopted at birth with only an assumed (borrowed) ancestry …. my heart wide open and so delicate and uncertain. I stand up and serve and feel very grateful. Sat nam

  • Kat

    Thank you for this writing and suggestions. I cannot accesss The mantra, perhaps because I am in Canada and not all YouTube videos are available???

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