BLESSING: The Sacred Ground of Self Compassion 3 Class Course (recorded)


BLESSING: The Sacred Ground of Self Compassion, Full Course (3 Classes) 

Receive three 1.5 hour classes as videos to watch or download.

You are sacred ground. You. All of you. Not just the “good” parts. Not just the “light” parts. All the parts.

Your fear, your rage, your grief is sacred. Your darkness, your shame, your sadness is sacred. Your jealousy, your doubt, your guilt is sacred.

Compassion for self is a doorway to God. It is holy ground. The holiest of grounds. And the deeper you bow, the closer you move not only to your own heart, but to the heart of life. 

Here we enter more more fully into Self — embodied, whole and full of grace.

Join me for 3 x 1.5 hour online Kundalini Yoga classes during which we’ll engage in deep self blessing, prayer and an active practice in loving all of the self - the light and the shadow.

This class is open to all, including beginners. 

The details:

  • 3 x 1.5 hour Kundalini Yoga Classes with Sevapreet
  • All classes will be available to watch online and for download

"BLESSING class and it was INCREDIBLE and EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!" - Simona

"This class was amazing. Such release! And in holding that space to nourish my body loving tenderness, I got the message « Thankyou, I believe that I can finally trust you » from my body and all its cells. It was beautiful. Tears, sound releases, such a shift in energy. I feel so clean, light and beautiful inside...THANK YOU for this beautiful class! " - Victoria

"I did Sevapreet’s class and it was so healing. Hard and simple and healing - catch the replay if you haven’t bought it yet. I felt like a cage was lifted from my heart and then I found these rainbows!" - Justine

"That class was soooooo powerful and effective! Bless you for that work... I was absolutely ready for this healing- it was already neatly packaged and demanded no recognition as specific “things”. The back of my heart opening was when I was most alert and conscious of my need, however I needed it all- that was plenty obvious. Thank you thank you thank you🙏🏼" - Christy

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