Pattern, Personality + Projection (recorded video)


In this pre-recorded class with Sevapreet you will engage in a deep Kundalini Yoga practice to up-level your pattern, personality and projection for deep persona power and command. 

What Yogi Bhajan says about this Kriya: 

"If you can do these three exercises in your lifetime, you will never be hurt. It only takes forty days to perfect yourself. This exercise will not give you a chance for foolish thinking. If you do this exercise, after forty days, you will never space out. It doesn’t matter what happens—even under hypnosis you will not space out. We used to give this exercise to our intelligence staff so if they got caught and put under hypnosis, they would have self-control."

"Whosoever perfects this breathing science with this posture can conquer one’s own death."

"The glandular system will secrete differently. We practice these exercises as a science—not as a mythology. To us, there is no mystery. It’s a well-known, organized, scientific reality. Every person has the right to progress and every progressive self has to have a definite discipline, to create a frequency and a projection. To us, that is God."

The details:

  • Downloadable video of class
  • Kundalini Yoga practice with Sevapreet
  • Approximately 37 minutes
  • You will receive an email within 24 hours of purchase that contains a link for you to download the practice for your use. 

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