Faces of the Feminine
Faces of the Feminine
Faces of the Feminine
Faces of the Feminine
Faces of the Feminine

Faces of the Feminine

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Join Sarah Durham Wilson of DOTIGIRL and Jessica Sevapreet Hesser for four weeks of online women's study, guidance, virtual circles, rituals and Kundalini Yoga starting January 8th. 

Sarah and Jessica are facilitators of women's wisdom and carriers for the voice of the Goddess. This course merges a deep understanding of the transfigurative power of feminine cycles with direct activation of the pranic energy body through Kundalini Yoga to facilitate powerful transformation and opening.



  • Private Facebook Group
  • 4 one-hour group phone calls with Sarah + Jessica 
  • Weekly online Kundalini Yoga classes 


Group calls will be Sunday mornings, 1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, at 11am EST. 

    Kundalini Yoga classes will be held live online, Wednesdays at 12pm EST, when weather permits for a good connection. If conditions do not allow for this, they will be recorded and sent to you.

    You will have at least one, hopefully two, opportunities to connect live with Sarah and Jessica each week.

    ** All phone and video calls will be recorded if you cannot make the live event.


    The Dark of the Moon
    The Space Between
    That in between time, between the dying of one self & the birthing of a new.
    The archetypal time of life's liminal space. A space of empty handed faith.
    You are not who you were and not yet who you will be.
    We'll offer: Rituals for dark of moon.
    We'll hold space conscious death.
    And introduce you to the: Goddesses of Death & Transition & Empty Space

    The New & Waxing Moon.
    The time of beginnings. Of seed time. Of acting on your dream time.
    The Maiden, the young woman rushing across a field at Spring.
    The energy of spring, of seeking, of pushing up through dark earth for life.
    Youth, Beginnings, Newness in relationships.
    The Healthy Ego of Maiden
    The Unhealthy Maiden vs the Healthy Maiden
    We'll offer: Rituals for the Waxing Moon
    And introduce you to The Goddesses of the Maiden

    Full Moon.
    The Mother
    Summer, Life in Bloom, The Summer of One's Life.
    The Embodied, Empowered Feminine. Sovereignity.
    The blasted open heart of Mother
    The balanced grace of mother, her balanced sacred masculine & sacred feminine
    Love in Action/ The Activist & Priestess
    We'll offer: Full Moon Rituals.
    And introduce you to The Mother Goddeses.

    Waning Moon. Crone Fall.
    The waning time of life
    The end of relationships
    The let go season of life and the year
    The surrender
    The truth telling time.
    We'll offer: Waning moon rituals
    And Introduce you to the Crone Goddesses.
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    Questions? Email us: jessica@mantrasandmiracles.com