Athena Shakti

Athena Shakti is a student of many esoteric arts, all of which are geared towards understanding of self. 

Yoga, Craft, Tarot, Astrology & Mythology have been her divining lights for most of her life and they have all helped her to find a more comfortable way of being. Life is bumpy and the lessons are many. But with the right tools and a healthy appreciation of the humour in it all, one can see the hand of spirit everywhere.

She is a teacher of yoga, a reader of tarot, a crafter of ritual and a reader of charts. She is also straight-forward, plain speaking and dedicated to honesty. In everything there is a rhythm and a cycle; the natural universe never lies. To tune into these truths using the esoteric tools, and to share the methods of that tuning with others is the path of her service.

Wahe Guru!