Clearing the Ancestral Karma


(Live classes have ended but have been recorded for you and are below.)

Join me for a multi-day practice of Kundalini Yoga to clear the ancestral karmic line. 

I will be practicing August 9th, 10th, 11th at 6:00 AM PT. I invite you to join me by following the links on the ZOOM invitations below. 

*This will be practice only and held in a container of silence. I will not talk before or after class. I will not give instructions. If you have not yet done the Ancestral Karmic Clearing Class, please do that first so that you have full instructions for the practice. You can find it below, and also HERE with full written instructions. 

If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, please read THIS BLOG before you begin.

Please do not speak or use chat during the practice times. Honor the sacredness inherent in our silence. If you have a question you may email me AFTER class at


First Class (full explanation)

Private Practice 8/8 Lion's Gate 

Meditation Only 8/9


Meditation Only 8/10

 Meditation Only 8/11


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Prosperity + Magnetism August 10th

Eclipse Activation August 11th

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