Sevapreet (Jessica Hesser) has always gone her own way. An official soul rebel — always loyal to her heart, but rarely one to follow the rules — she has traveled down many paths and led many lives. Finding grace and transformation along the way, Sevapreet is honored to share her journey as it helps facilitate healing for others.

Her work embraces both the dark and the light, knowing that there can be none without the other. This potent alchemy she brings into all she does, no matter the form. In that way, all work becomes service to Spirit. 

Sevapreet’s greatest desire is to serve, and she does this with authenticity and integrity, creating a nurturing environment for people to experience their divinity, strength, and grace.

Sevapreet is honored to serve Spirit by serving humanity and has the unique ability to process karma through her own subtle (energy) body. This allows for deep healing and release of physical, emotional and mental blocks and patterns.

Shamanic activation in Peru gifted her with access to potent healing energy which she channels through her hands during sessions. This healing uses Prana, vital life force energy, to cleanse the energy body, remove dark or stagnant energy, balance the flow of Prana in the body, vitalize the chakras and awaken the Kundalini energy.

Healing is done hands off, working directly with the auric field, by the laying of hands on the physical body or by the use of the hands as a chakapa, or rattle. Her clients have experienced immediate relief of chronic pain and suffering as well as the release of deeply embedded emotional wounds and trauma. 

Sevapreet teaches, facilitates healing, creates mantra-activated jewelry, writes, hangs out with her crystal "friends" and plays in jungles of Hawaii where she lives off-grid with her family. 


“(Sevapreet) is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the honor of being a student of. She emanates a type of sensitivity, wisdom, and grace that is unique among teachers. She is also one of the most selflessly dedicated individuals I know, always making a priority service to others. In the time that I knew her in Florida, I saw how she attracted a loyal following, and generated prosperity for the organization - Shangri-la - she taught for. I would recommend Jessica and her teachings to anyone I know, who appreciates wisdom, dedication, and an uncanny skill to come up with the perfect teachings for each student.” - Sayer Ji, founder, Green Med Info

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Sevapreet has an extensive background in health and wellness, which she has studied for nearly two decades. She has been doing yoga for over 20 years, but it wasn’t until she took her first Kundalini Yoga class that she really fell in love with it.

Since that first class she has known that she wanted to teach, as she felt that it offered the perfect platform to experience the beautiful wholeness that is created when we integrate body, mind, and soul.

Her love and practice of Kundalini Yoga lead her to creating beautiful and powerful gemstone jewelry made with sacred mantras.

She teaches yoga, makes jewelry, writes and has a healing practice on the Big Island, Hawaii.




Sevapreet is certified as a CYT Yoga Instructor, KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Master, Personal Trainer, Holistic Fitness Specialist and currently offers the following services:

  • Kundalini Yoga 
  • Yoga 
  • Reiki/Pranic healing
  • Inuitive readings
  • Writing
  • Women's intensive coaching
  • Dark Goddess teachings
  • Mantra-infused gemstone jewelry
  • Crystal curation


Sevapreet is so grateful to teach Kundalini Yoga, intuitive art and yoga, and gentle yoga locally, online and in retreats. Jessica has taught at Bija Yoga, Shangri-La Springs, Naples Yoga Center, Talis Park, Hawaiian Sanctuary, Kalani Retreat Center and the Hawaii Yoga Festival. 


Sevpreet designs and crafts Mantras and Miracles jewelry, infusing her pieces with the sacred mantras used in Kundalini Yoga. She uses the finest gems and metals to create beautiful, powerful and transformative pieces. Her jewelry can be found here and in local studios boutiques.


Sevapreet offers both local and long-distance healing using a variety of methods she has learned throughout her life. Her healing services are powerful and tailored to meet your needs, always in alignment with Spirit.


Sevapreet writes when her soul tells her to. Sometimes this means long stretches of waiting patiently before words ever come. When it's time, her writing is powerful and moving. Jessica writes here on her blog as well as for Rebelle Society and the Numinouis. She was published in their first book, The Best of Rebelle Society: Volume 1.

The Grace of God Meditation