Sevapreet is a healer, intuitive, crystal expert, KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, writer, Reiki Master, jewelry designer and Holistic Fitness Specialist. Her greatest desire is to serve, and she does this with authenticity and integrity, creating a nurturing environment for people to experience their divinity, strength, and grace. She is committed to her own spiritual awakening, unafraid to take a look in the dark and always loyal to her heart. Her one-on-one sessions help clients to catalyze deep transformation and healing using a shamanic approach to clearing and re-balancing energy for highest alignment with Spirit. She works both remotely and in person and offers consultations, healing sessions, prescriptive crystals and prescriptive yoga sadhanas. Her physical offerings include high-vibe, mantra and reiki activated crystals and gemstone jewelry. 

More: The name Sevapreet was given to Jessica Hesser and means, "One who lives and loves to serve God in all, through her devotion and grace."

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"Working with [Sevapreet] is like a breath of soul brought through your existence. She takes you to new levels of yourself, your truth, that you didn't even realize were there. New levels of strength and serenity that existed within the whole time are unveiled as her epic guidance helps to reveal the deepest layers of truth of your divinity. Her work is so needed in this world as so many people, women in particular, are disconnected from themselves and what they're capable of. The embodiment that she is about to bring to light in even one session (let alone a whole series!!) is profound." - Dr. Ashlee Greene

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