Jewelry Care

Your gems are precious, please take care of them!


We recommended that all of our Malas be cared for as the sacred item that they are. When you are not using or wearing the Mala, it is best to keep it in a Mala bag. This will help protect your Mala from breaking.

Do not wear your Mala while bathing, showing, swimming or exercising. We do not recommend wrapping your Mala around your wrist. These things could weaken your Mala and cause it to break prematurely.

If your mala tassel gets unruly simply take damp fingertips and run them over the strands, smoothing them. Do not ever pull on the tassel.

Most of our malas are made to be worn decoratively, as jewelry. It is not recommend that you perform japa mala meditation with them. If you are looking for a mala for meditation, search the store for "Meditation Malas" which we occasionally have. 

We will repair malas within 60 days from date of purchase. After that a $65 repair fee will apply. See our returns page for more info. 


Our gold jewelry comes either in gold plate, gold fill or gold vermeil. All of these are a plating of gold over a base metal of either sterling silver, brass or copper. Our gold vermeil jewelry always has a base of sterling silver. Plating can last a long time if taken care of well. 


When you are not wearing Mantras + Miracles Jewelry, it should be stored in an airtight plastic bag. This will prevent tarnishing and scratching.


Exposure to water, lotions, body oils, cosmetics, perfumes, excessive heat and humidity and cleaning agents may cause discoloration and affect the finish of the jewelry.


The best way to clean your jewelry is with a soft cloth, or polishing cloth. Do NOT use chemicals or solvents to clean your M+M jewelry. Gold and silver plated jewelry should only be wiped gently with a soft cloth to avoid rubbing off the plating.

Following the above guidelines will greatly increase the life of all your jewelry.