Love Notes


"Thank you for the email and I wanted to let you know, I just received my first order (we are currently stationed in Germany) but we are now on holiday in California. I LOVE my evil eye necklace and have split the earring set with my daughter (me the star and her the moon) I was beyond pleased with my order I had no hesitation on wanting to order again. I know my new order will be loved just as much. Thank you again for having beautiful items." - Marcy 
"Thank you for offering such beautiful crystals! The smokey quartz pyramid has such a gorgeous energy and I wanted to tell you how beautifully it was packaged. It was safe and secure and beautiful with all of the dried flower petals. Looking forward to opening up the black tourmaline and carnelian!" - Madelaine
"I picked up the pkg at the post today... The pieces are so pretty and I feel... magical <3 So lovely.  Thank you thank you thank you xx."- Julie
"I love your crystals and find they have the best energy." - Andrea
"This parcel brought me so much happiness. I will shop again, I'm so thrilled when I find sellers that exude integrity like you do....!" -Jillian
"I just wanted to thank you so much for my order. I just picked it up from the post box and opened it. I am so happy with all the items. I love all the detail and care put into packing everything! My 5 yr old son especially loved the Hawaii post card you packed of the lava which is his interest right now! All he talks about is volcanos!" - Suvi
"So happy with my order !! Love it ! Thank you Jessica for the note xxxx" - Rim
"Aaaah I received it today
So gorge
So delicate
Perfectly packaged with the extra emerald calcite
Thank you
Back to the shopping bag I go hey ho!" -Ilana
"I just got the mala, I love it! The smaller beads are beautiful. Your pieces are stunning!!!" - Katie
"I've bookmarked your site, you sell gorgeous things with MEANING. I love purposeful beauty." - Gillian
"Thank you so much! I am very grateful to have discovered you. I currently have the Smokey quartz and the White Turquoise stack bracelets, and the energy and mantras have really grounded and helped to bring some much need centeredness and feeling of a 'God Hug' during such uncertain times. The smokey quartz also has really enhanced my awareness of the projections that other project on me, it has really helped to sift through what is mine and what others are throwing my way... Thank you so much for the love and energy you bring into the world! Sending so much love, blessings and abundance to you and your loved ones! Namaste" - Jessica
"I received this email and instantly ran to my mailbox and found my package. I'm so in love with these beautiful necklaces and and feel like I have a superpower to wear with me now. Thank you for your amazing and conscious work. All love." - Kasey
"I received the super seven.. I could not resist peeking at it... It is so beautiful I felt its power instantly. I am going to meet my oldest Nicholas and give to him in an hour... Thank you so much. Much love. The quality is clearly remarkable and I will be ordering from you again." - Lisa
"Thank YOU for offering such gorgeous, high-vibe treasures - and for all of the magic you infuse into the world through your work. You make finding and buying the perfect little intentional pieces SO easy (maybe too easy - haha!). And I love nothing more than knowing that I'm circulating money through kind people who are running conscious businesses. <3" - Casey
"So excited to receive your beautiful creations soon! You're a beautiful inspiration for all you share with the world." - Eliza
"Thanks Jessica! Your pieces, and even the crystals you sell, are amazing quality and are always full of the best energy! I will continue to purchase from you for sure!" - Nicole
"Thank YOU, Jessica, for making such beautiful pieces. I'm sure it will bring much peace and tranquility. I cannot wait." - Emely
"You make magic with your hands!" - Vanina, Paris
"Thank you for making such beautiful bracelets for me. I love how the scent of the bracelet remains on my wrist to remind me of my daily meditations." - Christine

"Jessica, love the earrings and how lovely and beautiful it was put together with the tea and shells ,pure grace, thank you!!" - Barbara

"Hi Jessica, ...your pieces make me very happy! My mother wears the moon necklace (my boys call her Luna) and I love my crystal pendant and clear quartz bracelet :) I so look forward to the magic and healing I know the Fortune Teller will bring. I love following you and your world -- thank you for anointing us all in such precious charms and sending such good energy out into the world!" - Alexa

"I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my order, my gorgeous Eternal Grace mala. Perfect timing, the day before my daughters wedding, a very busy and stressful day. I love it, my energy feels lifted wearing it! Thank you for adding such beauty into my life! Be well..." - Karen

“Jessica, love the earrings and how lovely and beautiful it was put together with the tea and shells, pure grace, thank you!!” - Michelle

“It arrived yesterday and I am in love.  It is so gorgeous and exactly what I wanted/needed to guide me right now. Thank you for your beautiful work.” - Tracy

"This is so magical, beautiful diamond jewelry! LOVE IT LOVE IT." - Anna-Lena

"Thank you! I loved both the earrings and the crystal necklace! The energy coming off of it feels great. I love to wear them every day. Many blessings to you, your family and business! Sat Nam." - Nam Kirin Kaur

“Hi Jessica, I received my package yesterday....once again, so loving what I purchased!  Your creations are of the highest vibration and so love filled.  Thank you, thank you!  You are wonderful…" - Karen

“Thank you so much for your amazing creations!!!” - Sarah

“This is so sweet, thank you. I am loving everything I have received from you, I really feel this amazing energy coming from all of it. {I wear my moon necklace almost daily some serious divine feminine is present} I am looking forward to giving this new purchases as gifts. Keep doing what you are doing I am loving all of it and look forward to more.” - Julie 

“Dear Jess, She absolutely loved it, and when she picked it up and put it on she said to me "she chanted mantra the entire time she made it!"  What a special gift.  Thank you so very much.” - Aubrey

“Just wanted to tell you how much I love my mala. It and I resonated as soon as I opened the box, and have been building energy ever since. Thank you for your work; it's been a blessing to me. Sat Nam!” - Customer

“Aloha Jessica, The necklace, an adornment of beauty... Thank you so much from my heart to yours! Your creative spirit inspires ... Thank you!” - Gretchen

“The Mala and Moonstone necklace arrive today, and I just cannot express to you enough how magical and magnificent they are.  These two items are for my personal practice, and I am so excited to put them to good use!!
Many Many thanks!” - Customer

“I absolutely adore my necklaces I received from you.... They are so magical and powerful and instantly when I put them on I can feel amazing.” - Customer

"Hey Jessica! I have been LOVING this necklace! I even had a psychic/ energy reader and healer/ spirit guide reader tell me the stone's energy was perfect for me." - Customer

"Thank you for making such beautiful bracelets for me. I love how the scent of the bracelet remains on my wrist to remind me of my daily meditations." - Christine

"I'm so glad everyone is sweeping away your cherished and lovely gifts, exactly how is should be coming from such a thoughtful business owner." - Linde

"I LOVE the mama & me sets- so excited to share them with my sons. Thank you!" - Allison 

"Hi Jessica... your pieces make me very happy! My mother wears the moon necklace (my boys call her Luna) and I love my crystal pendant and clear quartz bracelet :) I so look forward to the magic and healing I know the Fortune Teller will bring. I love following you and your world -- thank you for anointing us all in such precious charms and sending such good energy out into the world!" - Alexa


“Thank you for your gifts of love and healing Jessica. I have met a lot of teachers during my time, wow, you are the real deal! May you be blessed as you bless others.” - Susan

“Jessica Hesser is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the honor of being a student of. She emanates a type of sensitivity, wisdom, and grace that is unique among teachers. She is also one of the most selflessly dedicated individuals I know, always making a priority service to others. In the time that I knew her in Florida, I saw how she attracted a loyal following, and generated prosperity for the organization - Shangri-la - she taught for. I would recommend Jessica and her teachings to anyone I know, who appreciates wisdom, dedication, and an uncanny skill to come up with the perfect teachings for each student.” - Sayer Ji, founder, Green Med Info

"Working with Jessica is like a breath of soul brought through your existence. She takes you to new levels of yourself, your truth, that you didn't even realize were there. New levels of strength and serenity that existed within the whole time are unveiled as her epic guidance helps to reveal the deepest layers of truth of your divinity. Her work is so needed in this world as so many people, women in particular, are disconnected from themselves and what they're capable of. The embodiment that she is about to bring to light in even one session (let alone a whole series!!) is profound. I consider myself so lucky to be both her client and her friend." - Ashlee

"There comes a time in your life when you're at a crossroads and you know the decision you make will change everything. Jessica helped me better trust my intuition to make the right decision. Our soul session was amazing and I felt completely connected right from the start. Thank you, Jessica!" - Adrienne 

“Thank you Jessica! This practice is a blessing.” - Student

“I want to THANK YOU for supporting me through my first official Kriya.I'm grateful for this experience. I sense shifts and I know there is more that I'm unaware of. Samskaras make so much sense and how kundalini yoga jumps in to the "rescue". Breath of fire, for one, is amazing. I look forward to more and learning better about how pointless it really is to be hard on thyself and simply walk the path of love and unneeded baggage will slip off, emotional and physical, eventually if not already. I'm happy to have been a part of this 40-day Kriya with you.” - Stephanie 

“I have read all of your blogs, particularly your final blog. I was lucky enough to meet you at your art and yoga showing at the Shangri La. A friend and I, vacationing in Naples, drove there for that purpose.  As you know I have ordered your jewelry since.  Your writings are full of truth, your jewelry made with a spirit.  If you get this email, please take this away from my words.  My friend and I felt you were so very special.  Your decision to begin this new journey will be the best decision of your life.  I do not want to guess where you will and eventually.  I cannot imagine how many other lives you will bless.  You have so much to share and teach and learn.  How wonderful that you are beginning this journey, one many of us should have done but were too afraid.  Good speed to you, Jessica Hesser. Keep writing and occasionally share it with those of us who don't have your courage and spirit.  Blessings to you.” - Jennifer Sparks

“Dear Jessica, Thank you!  I love your posts and I love your work.  Thank you for being a LIGHTHOUSE.” - Aubrey

"When I started working with Jessica six months ago I was undergoing some difficult and daunting life changes. At that time, I wasn’t sure how I was going to traverse that path not only having to show up for myself, I also had to show up for my children.

It was then that I started my first (of many) courses with Jessica and also changed my primary yoga practice to kundalini. I honestly feel like this was the most important course of action I could have taken at that time. I knew that I needed to find a way to lead us through the turmoil with poise, clarity and strength.  Working with Jessica and the kundalini that she offers has encouraged me to trust myself and how to better recognize my natural intuition. I’ve learned how to disentangle myself from the old energies with auric activation and clearing, mantras, breathwork and the properly aligned kriyas that pair with each course.

Not only is Jessica a truly gifted teacher, she is extremely supportive and non judgemental while working with you during her unique courses. I’ve learned so much from her and continue to do so, she is full of ideas and information. Kundalini yoga and it’s lifestyle was something that had appealed to me for some time, but the process of learning it seemed intimidating to me.  Jessica’s style of teaching has made this somewhat strict and rigid form of yoga approachable and exciting.  The 40 day sadhanas have taught me how to show up for myself on a daily basis and the joy of what it feels like when you commit to your own mind, body and spirit.

The work that I’ve done with Jessica has given me the skills and confidence I needed to guide me through so much and most importantly helped me trust that I am fully capable of navigating my own path with wisdom and grace. Sat Nam." - Stevi Hammons

“What I love about Jessica is that she is constantly challenging herself as a student and putting her heart into being a teacher. She is not an instructor, but rather, she is a teacher. For instance, she goes beyond telling us what to do, say, or think. Instead, she educates us and encourages personal growth and evolution. I have been able to use the insight that I learned in class and apply it to life. It is her passion for sharing her knowledge that makes her a conduit of wisdom. Another one of Jessica’s distinctive qualities is that she takes ownership of her experiences, emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Her humble approach is what makes her so genuine. I trust her as a teacher, because she creates a beautiful space for us to mature in the art of yoga. I appreciate her resolution to remain pure in her practice of yoga. Jessica follows her heart, rather than what is the current fad or what is already accepted. I have learned so much about yoga solely through her. I look forward to more of Jessica!” - Jinmi

“I don’t know what to say other than “Thank You”, from the bottom of my heart. I feel connected to you.” - Juli

“Jessica has been a blessing in my life. She’s brave and beautiful. You feel the passion and strength in her eyes. Her healing light reached the dark places of my soul and transformed me. Her mantras and miracles class is beautiful, full of powerful magic and one of a kind. You will never be the same after this experience. Feel the love and absorb the greatness of the child of the divine. Thank you.” - Ketty

"Once in a great while you might cross paths with a special person who inspires you and teaches you as I did when meeting you. I felt your glow and light, and it ended up meaning more than you know... Your writings helped lead me to a better place with meditation, kundalini yoga, and the knowledge that there IS more. I didn't know how to grow. I just knew I needed more of this freedom from the depression and ills from the accident... I was lucky enough to meet you at your art and yoga showing at the Shangri La. A friend and I, vacationing in Naples, drove there for that purpose... Your writings are full of truth, your jewelry made with a spirit. If you get this email, please take this away from my words. My friend and I felt you were so very special... I cannot imagine how many other lives you will bless. You have so much to share and teach and learn." - Jennifer

"I am in love with all that you are, be, do! I wish I lived close by. I sent my hubby to your site for my bday present :)" - Zofia

“Thank you so so much for inspiring me to do this Kriya for the last 50+ days! I feel subtle energy more than I ever have before. I feel my body and surrounding energy as contained yet semi-permeable. I can give more of myself without feeling depleted afterwards. My emotions are more stable and I have the self awareness to pause and feel before acting. It's pretty incredible- I feel so supported by this practice. THANK YOU!” - Keely

"Thank you for being a light to so many ." - Jennifer

“Thank you for your offerings ~ you light me up  <3” - Keely

"I know you don't know me from Adam, as they say, but want to thank you for your wonderful emails, support and information throughout this series… As someone who puts information out into the world, not always knowing how it impacts, I wanted to take this moment to say thank you. You are doing an amazing job…Wahe Guru!” - Sat Hari (Holly)

“Thank you for your love and kindness. It has touched me more than I can say. And you do not even know me. I have been doing as you suggested. And then this is such a wonderful reminder of such a great truth. A life lesson for me without a doubt. I cannot begin to tell you how much your thoughtful words were appreciated.” - Kati

“Jessica is a great inspiration to me. She is the real deal and authentic in her yoga approach. Her classes have helped me tremendously in all aspects of my Life. She has a gentle and pure approach which I appreciate. What I most like about it is the inner work that other yoga practices don’t offer. It is a good balance for me to do all kinds of yoga but this particular yoga really resonates for me on my spiritual path.” - Eileen 

“Jessica has been an inspirational change in my life. She has helped me to change both my physical and spiritual self in ways I didn’t think possible. I have changed my life to a state of bliss with Jessica’s help. The lessons I have learned from her I will carry throughout my life, for the rest of my life. I would like to thank Jessica for being Jessica. She is a rare light in this world.” - Patrick

 "I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to take part in this class. I have tried online kundalini meditation courses before and they were always very brusque and rather assuming a certain sort of person on the other end of the screen which didn't work for me. This class has been very accessible and doable which is huge considering the health problems I experience." - Michelle

“Moving, inspiring, and sacred experience. Thank you Jessica.” - Client