LIBERATION: A Summer Solstice Retreat

Date: June 16th-21st, 2020

Location: Babb, Montana, near East Glacier National Park 

The most profound transformation happens when we free ourselves from habitual patterns and conditioning. Our deepest healing happens when we connect to our innate wholeness, our center, and our source.

This retreat --- a mix of meditation, breathwork, dance, embodiment practice and esoteric arts, combined with wilderness survival skills training -- offers both.

In the wild, we remember our rhythm.

We drop back into the body, returning to the senses, reclaiming pleasure and physical connection to the world around us. Stripped of our habitual roles and identities, we reconnect intimately with our deepest essence. Immersed in nature, we remember our primal, intuitive, and instinctual selves. Our nervous system relaxes and we let go of the contraction at our core. We feel whole, vibrant, and alive.

Learning to survive in the wild elicits a feeling of true empowerment.

These skills help to strengthen personal sovereignty and self-trust with far-reaching psychological effects. When we learn with the body via experience, rather than with the head or mind only, change is lasting, real, and effective.


Healing guide, poet, and founder of Mantras + Miracles, Jessica Hesser, leads this intimate group of women starting at a private location just outside of East Glacier National Park.

We’ll nurture our relationship with self — spiritually, emotionally, and physically — through meditation, breathwork, movement, yoga, dance, ritual, hiking, and reverent connection with Mother Earth. We’ll also challenge ourselves learning “no-trace” backpacking, as well as wilderness survival skills such as fire and shelter building, sourcing food and water, plus animal identification and tracking.

While held in an incredibly safe and supportive container, participants should be prepared to move outside their comfort zones emotionally, physically, and mentally. This challenge is the catalyst for healing and transformation.

No prior experience with camping or backpacking is necessary. You will be taught everything you need to know, not only for retreat participation, but also so that you feel confident adventuring into the wild on your own after this experience. Due to the physicality of retreat, you will need to be able to hike for 5 miles with a 30 lbs. backpack.

We will be camping in the real sense of the word, offering a beautifully minimal experience. Double tents are provided with campers paired-up. For those who prefer to sleep alone, you can bring your own tent, or we can recommend a rental company.

You will receive a full packing list upon registration. Nourishing and locally sourced food will be provided, and most dietary needs can be accommodated. If you have dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.), please email us when you register.

Leaving room for flow in our itinerary, and taking into account the need to adapt to weather and fire safety conditions, our time together will include three nights at base camp plus two nights in the backcountry, location TBD.

After grounding and learning the essentials, we journey into the mountains, hiking several miles through wild Montana land. Here we’ll have the opportunity to practice our new wilderness skills together, making camp and offering an optional solo journey for those who are daring. After a day spent in sacred silence, we come together for a joyous celebration of the summer solstice with a feast, dancing, and ceremony.


This rare and intimate women’s-only journey through some of the most pristine landscapes left in North America births profound transformation — an embodied experience of radical wholeness and healing — a deep reconnection with source and self.






Registration capacity is VERY limited. You can book your spot HERE.


Once the retreat ticket is purchased, we will be in touch to confirm dietary needs, provide you with the location, and make airport pick-up arrangements, etc.

A sample itinerary, packing list, and all travel information will be provided to you when you register.

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to reach out, I'd love to connect: