Lizz Cohoon Sponsorship

lizz cohoon 

Meet Lizz Cohoon:

Amount needed: $2200

For: Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

How has Kundalini Yoga changed your life?

Kundalini Yoga has allowed me to interact authentically in my life. I come from a place of compassion, service and connection to others.

Before consistently practicing Kundalini, I felt like I needed roots. This practice has allowed me to finally feel grounded in who I am.

Prior to practicing Kundalini Yoga, I felt like my yoga practice and teaching was missing something. I wanted to have a more spiritual practice. Kundalini re-ignited my passion for practicing and teaching yoga again because I found that spiritual connection.

My relationships with my family have improved significantly- we love, care and respect each other more.

I know this is just the start of the many miraculous ways Kundalini will change my life.

Why does it mean so much to you to get your Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certification?

It is my intention that I teach this practice to help others create radiance in their lives. When I see students after a Kundalini class, I see hope, happiness and clarity in their eyes and spirit. I know they take the radiance they received from Kundalini Yoga into their day -- positively influencing each person they interact with. I want to support the creation of this.

After going to Winter Solstice this year, I came back the first morning and woke up needing to do Kundalini Yoga. It makes my heart and spirit so happy.I believe this training will help me deepen my Kundalini practice in a new transformative way.

How will being a KY Teacher allow you to serve your community better?

I know that being a KYT is just a foundation for opportunities to serve. For me, Kundalini Yoga creates a happy heart & spirit. I interact with others more compassionately, lovingly, and respectfully. I have more ambition to be in service to others and accept those opportunities.

What do you plan on doing with your certification?

My plan is to teach Kundalini Yoga in the Southwest Florida area to start. I am open to teaching opportunities in other areas and serving however I am called. I feel this is just a start for more opportunities to serve.

To support Lizz become a Kundalini Yoga teacher, please visit her donation page.

You can find more of Lizz on her website, Facebook, and Instagram