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Ajai Alai Earrings
Ajai Alai Earrings

Ajai Alai Earrings

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Made with Herkimer Diamonds and sacred mantra, The Ajai Alai Earrings remind you of your majesty, your radiance and your depth as woman. You are the mystical in living breathing form. 

STONE: HERKIMER DIAMOND | The high energy seekers of the crystal world. | Strengthens and fortifies your radiant body and auric field. | Manifest pure light. | Greatly amplify manifestation. 

MANTRA: AJAI ALAI | A mantra for being in your power. | Develops the radiant body. | Lifts one from anger or depression. 

"I can promise you that if you ever want to see and feel the majesty of God, you can only see and feel it through a very beautiful, loving, legendary woman. A woman is a legend who will live forever and around her the entire universe and creativity of God will revolve. A woman is an unstopping coincidence of the psyche which God wanted to experience Himself. Without the grace and respect of a Woman, there will never be peace on earth." - Yogi Bhajan

  • 2" Large, Rose Gold or Gold plated hoops
  • Faceted Herkimer Diamond approx 10mm

*Photo of Jai Akal Kaur by Austin Ferguson