Aura Activated Quartz Peach
Aura Activated - NEW colors!
Aura Activated in white aura quartz

Aura Activated - NEW colors!

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The M+M Aura Activated with Aura Quartz is artisan made in Hawaii and activated with sacred yogic mantra and Reiki energy for a powerful effect on your auric field.  
Perfect to wear everyday, it helps to strengthen and activate the auric field which acts as your protection and projection of energy.
Comes in Aura Angel (white), Peacock (blue) or Tangerine (peach). All have an iridescent rainbow sheen. 
STONE: AURA QUARTZ | High vibration expands consciousness and heals the physical and spiritual body. Strengthens the auric field. Clears and cleans the subtle body. Uplifts the spirit and dissolves bad moods.
MANTRA: WAHE JIO | A mantra of ecstasy. 
  • Aura treated quartz point, size varies, approx 1-2"
  • Size and shape of each piece vary
  • Choice of Tangerine (orange) or Angel (white)
  • Approx. 26" long
  • Silk thread

*We do not advise you wear silk thread in water. See Jewelry Care for more info. 

**Vegan? Send us a note at checkout - or an email - and we can put this on nylon thread for you.

***The crystal size and shape varies greatly, but we try our best to pick beautiful pieces for you. It is our belief that the right crystal finds the right person. 

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