Kundalini Yoga Aura Course
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Kriya for the aura and arcline

Auric Activation

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The Auric Activation Course uses a potent Kundalini Yoga kriya to activate your aura and arc line through a 40 day sadhana (daily spiritual practice).

The auric field, (also called the aura, magnetic field, circumvent field or electromagnetic field), is the body of energy which surrounds your physical body. When it is strong and healthy we are stable, calm and centered despite any outward turbulence. 

With a strong aura your presence works for you. That which you need comes to you easily, you are centered, secure, healthy, radiant, and charismatic. A weak aura can leave you feeling vulnerable, unsteady emotionally, fatigued, unstable and diminished.

In this course, you'll learn a short, but powerful kriya to activate your aura and arcline. The kriya can be easily incorporated into your daily schedule. It will take 15 minutes maximum, but is an incredible catalyst for change. This course is open to everyone, including beginners. 

Course includes:

  • Instructions for your Kundalini Yoga home practice.
  • Regular emails with encouragement, inspiration, Yogi Bhajan quotes and teachings on the aura and arc line.

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(Auric Activation originally ran as the Eclipse Activation Course in September 2016. If you took that course with me, please note that it is the same content.)

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