Deep Nervous System Care - (recorded course)


A four-week, recorded, self-led healing immersion into deep nervous system care. 

In this course, you will learn to relax and strengthen the nervous system eliciting a deep healing response in all aspects of life -- emotional, psychological, physical, energetic, and spiritual. This is essential work for optimal wellbeing.

For full course details, see the course page HERE. 

Please note, this purchase is for the RECORDED version of the series. If purchasing, you will receive access to all materials to navigate on your own, at your own pace. 


Once you purchase your course, you will receive access to a homepage that includes all of the content. You are free to navigate the course work on your own schedule. 

Included in the recorded version of the course are four video lectures, four video breathwork sessions, a food list for an optional nutritional cleanse, homework suggestions, a Spotify playlist, a bonus Kundalini Yoga kriya video, access to a private Facebook group, and additional resources. 

(You will receive everything the live course participants had access to except for the option to join the classes in real-time.)


"Sometimes it is hard to step into a commitment via online channels. However, I did trust my instincts and it was the best decision ever to take your course. I think for me the most valuable part has been realizing the importance of trusting your body instead of being scared of it and knowing that your body is wise enough to fix itself if you give it the right space. I cannot thank you enough for breaking this barrier between me and my body(although we are one)." - Cansu

"Thank you so much for this class! It opened a new aspect of self-care and healing and huge growth potential! I have never come across anything like these teachings, and already feel my experience of everything changing! I love it and am so excited to continue learning about nervous system care. So grateful to you, Jessica!" - Christy 

"Thank YOU so much Jessica! This class was so wonderful, and even though I didn’t get to attend live, I got so much out of it. The gentle, healing practices that you taught us are so helpful, and I hope to be using them in my everyday practice. I truly believe that this work is what we need, slowing down, connecting with the body and the breath... Much love, and I am forever grateful to you because you have opened my eyes to healing in a beautiful way." - Angela

"Thank you so much for these wonderful tools! I'm so incredibly glad that I'm able to work with you! This is the first time in almost ten years that I have found some relief from physical pain and anxiety. I didn't understand that many of my physical ailments were due to the dysregulation of my nervous system." - Shari

"You’ve ALWAYS been a fucking fantastic teacher/leader in all of your online classes, but this’ve glowed. You’ve absolutely nailed this course like a Mother 🙌🏼 so gentle & real & lovely. 1000% keep doing it! I’m in!" - Stevi

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