Thousand Petal Lotus Diamond Mala
Thousand Petal Lotus Diamond Mala
Thousand Petal Lotus Diamond Mala

Thousand Petal Lotus Diamond Mala

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The Thousand Petal Lotus Diamond Mala activates the 6th and 7th chakra for awakening of the crown and opening to your True Divine nature. 

STONE: DIAMOND | The king of gems. | A crystal of light and high frequency. | A symbol of purity and innocence. | Amplifies manifestation. | Gives hope. | Connects you to the spiritual realms. | Activates the Radiant Body and Crown Chakra. | Clears the etheric body.

STONE: BLACK OBSIDIAN | Aids in prophecy and connecting with spirits. | Cleanses negativity and pollution from the aura and psyche. | Deeply magic. | Powerfully protective.

STONE: WHITE MAGNESITE | Holds a solid foundation for Light. | Calming. | Creates a border of protection. | Grounds and clears the energy. | Balances the chakras.

STONE: PYRITE | A power stone. | Enhances creativity. | Grounds excess fire energy and redirects into creativity. | Protective.

MANTRA: LONG EK ONG KAR | Complete Mantra: Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru. | Translation: The Creator and the Creation are One. This is our True Identity. The ecstasy of the experience of this wisdom is beyond all words and brings indescribable bliss. | It brings Kundalini awakening, opening of the chakras, and a sense of bliss. | The mantra of the Aquarian Age.


  • 6mm White Magnesite
  • 4mm Pyrite
  • Black Obsidian with Diamonds
  • Purple nylon tassel
  • Hand knotted on silk