Eclipse Activation Series (recorded course)


A three-part Kundalini Yoga course specially curated to elevate and support by nourishing, balancing and strengthening the nervous system.

Eclipses are times of incredibly potent and charged energy! The coming eclipse portal opens many access points—to your subconscious, to your past, to your karma, to your ancestors, and to other realms. This allows us a period of time to engage in deep change and transformation. 

This series is mindfully crafted to fully activate and utilize the energy available during eclipse season as well support you through its challenges. 

(Please read more about the significance of eclipse portals HERE.)

What this series does:

  • Fortifies the aura and the arcline to strengthen your field of protection and give you grounding  
  • Activates your pranic energy to brighten your magnetism and radiance
  • Supports your nervous system to withstand the pressure of these rapidly changing times
  • Balances the nervous system for grace and emotional agility 
  • Utilizes deep meditative practice for clearing the subconscious and the unconscious 
  • Connects you to the high heart for the integration of love into purpose
  • Supports you in finding balance, strength, and respite during difficult times


  • 3 classes, 1.5+ hours each 
  • All classes available for download and will be emailed to you
  • No experience necessary, all are welcome

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