Har Bracelet {Abundance}
Har Bracelet {Abundance}

Har Bracelet {Abundance}

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The Har Bracelet {Abundance} is made with effervescent Citrine and the mantra Har for abundance.

STONE: CITRINE | The stone of success. | Activates abundance. | Draws upon the personal power stored in the navel center to aid in powerful manifestation and prosperity. | Aids in any work with third chakra including self esteem, will power and personal power issues. | Adds joy and spontaneity.

MANTRA: HAR | One of many words for God. | In particular it represents the creative or manifesting aspect of the Infinite. | Helps to develop will power and acts as a very powerful prosperity meditation.

  • 8mm Citrine beads
  • 7.5" for women  
  • 8" for men