(HARMONY) Deep Purple Fluorite with Calcite


A Deep Purple Fluorite with Calcite specimen from Hardin County, Illinois. This crystal was purchased from a private collection.

Hardin County mines produced some of the most glorious Fluorite in the world until 1995, when the last mine permanently closed. Usually, following mine closures mineral prices spike, but in the case of the Hardin County mines, the market was so flush prices didn’t change much. That was until about ten years ago when the supply began to dry up and prices increased dramatically.

Most Hardin Fluorite is now held in private collections. Not only is the Hardin Fluorite gorgeous, but it’s also a great investment piece as its value will only continue to increase over time do its unavailability.

PURPLE FLUORITE | Brings clarity to confusion, harmony to discord, calm to chaos. Helps you to access, or create an anchor in, the astral realm. Use it to navigate future realities.

CALCITE | Cleanses the auric field and the chakras. Creates harmony in all 10 bodies. Purifies the energy of a space.Â

Approx. 2.75”x2.5x1.3”

DETAILS: This crystal comes to you cleansed, blessed and activated with prayer and sacred sound current. It has been charged under the full moon in Hawaii. Our crystals are sourced from private collections which have been held off the market for many years, or from individual rock hounds. This makes them incredibly unique and rare to find. Read more about our ethically sourced crystals.

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