Heart First Choker
Heart First Choker

Heart First Choker

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The M+M Heart First Choker with Pink Peruvian Opal is artisan made in Hawaii and activated with sacred yogic mantra and Reiki energy for a powerful effect on your auric field.  

INTENTION: Courage, Tenderness, Compassion, Open Heart Chakra.

PINK OPAL | Heals and supports the heart center. Moves power and a sense of stability into the heart. Infuses the wearer with love, compassion and hope.

SAT KARTAR | Sat is the Soul’s Truth or Essence, which resides in the heart. Kartar means Doer. When combined, it affirms “Doer, Manifestor, or Walker of the Truth".

*Every strand of Pink Opal is unique. Your color may vary slightly due to the natural stones. 

"I picked up the pkg at the post today... The pieces are so pretty and I feel... magical <3 So lovely. Thank you thank you thank you xx." - Julie 

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  • 15" with clasp + 1" extender
  • 3mm Pink Opal beads
  • 24K Gold Vermeil accents
  • Gold fill clasp