(HIGHER REALMS) Cathedral Quartz


A very nice milky white Cathedral Quartz cluster with a large termination at the center.

CATHEDRAL QUARTZ | Give access to higher realms. Create a safe structure for energetic work. Multidimensional healer. 

Approx. 3"x2.75"x3.5" 

DETAILS: This crystal comes to you cleansed, blessed and activated with prayer and sacred sound current. It has been charged under the full moon in Hawaii. Our crystals are sourced from private collections which have been held off the market for many years, or from individual rock hounds. This makes them incredibly unique and rare to find. Read more about our ethically sourced crystals.

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* We can not ship this internationally under the standard charge. We must ship based on weight. If you are outside of the US and would like to purchase, please send us an email for a shipping estimate or your order may be canceled.

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