Maha Quartz Necklace
Maha Quartz Necklace

Maha Quartz Necklace

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The Maha Quartz Necklace is a powerful crystal to be worn by a powerful woman. Putting Quartz right at the heart center energizes and clears the heart allowing you to project powerfully, utilize your intuitive intelligence and manifest like a mo-fo!

INTENTION: Create strong projection. Clears and balances all chakra centers and the etheric body. Creates a protective field. Enhances intuition. 

STONE: CLEAR QUARTZ | Balances and cleanses the chakras. | A powerful catalyst for awakening spirtual energy within you. | Works to enhance all other energies.

MANTRA: ADI SHAKTI ADI SHAKTI ADI SHAKTI NAMO NAMO | Calls upon the Divine Feminine power of the Universe.

*Each piece of quartz is very unique. Your necklace will vary in size, shape and color. We absolutely believe this is part of the organic and sweet process of the right crystal finding you

  • Clear Quartz Pentant approx 2-3"
  • Silk thread
  • Gold Vermeil over Karen Hill Tribe accent beads
  • Approx 30" long