Dhyana Mala
Dhyana Mala

Dhyana Mala

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Dhyana means meditation in Sanskrit. It is one of Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga. The Dhyana Mala creates a subtle field to enhance meditation and help you to maintain a meditative, neutral mind. 

"By cleansing your mind your soul will shine through you." - Yogi Bhajan

WHITE TURQUOISE | Also known as Magnesite. | Protection. | Peace. | Calm. | Holds "space". Activates the neutral mind. 

RAINBOW MOONSTONE | A magical stone that is known for fulfilling wishes and desires. | Holds the energy of the Goddess.

  • 8mm Turquoise Beads
  • 8mm Moonstone Rondelles
  • Silver plated brass beads
  • 2" coral tassel
  • Hand-knotted on silk