Natal and Solar Combo (Recommended)

Natal and Solar Combo (Recommended)

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Natal and Solar Combo (Recommended) with Athena Shakti 

I believe this combination reading is an absolute must for all students of the soul. Here, you will receive the natal chart, which tells of your deepest nature as imprinted by the planets at the moment of your birth. You will also receive the solar return reading,which is the trajectory of your psyche over the coming year. Together, they show you not only where you are going, but from where you have come.

This gives you a unique opportunity to see where you are succeeding in your work, and where you are still sticking in your progress. It shows you the lessons you came here to learn, and how those lessons are evolving as you move forward with your purpose. Looking at the two charts together is a highly effective way to take a snapshot of your personal evolution, from potential to realization.

(We will need your birth date, time, and location of where you are on the birthday.)

You will receive an email with scheduling information within 48 hours after your purchase.

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